Don’t Make “Cense” Sunday’s: 20 Something 

“You’re only 20-29 once; make sure the years are accounted for” – Section8Investor 

Right now in your 20’s you have an advantage. You have the advantage of coming up with the million dollar idea. You have the advantage of investing in those dreams and watching it all grow before your eyes. 

In your 20’s you have to understand there is no times for games. Well, maybe a couple games but honestly not any. These are the time you fail and fail hard! These are the times you find yourself as a human being and go all out ballistic with your goals. Many others will down play and hate on your vision but don’t let those 30, 40, and even 80 year old life regretting individuals get to you. Follow those who you want to become one day. 

In these roaring 20’s you have to build your platform. You have to solely become committed and know this is what you want from yourself. Some may not know what that is at such a young age but I be damned if you don’t find out what that is before it’s 30 to late. Try many things out but don’t get caught doing so when you find out that passion. Stick with it and rise to the top of your expectations, not others. 

These dreams, goals, and aspirations should be the things you would die for. Knowing you whole heartedly would sacrifice everything just to make this shit happen no matter what goes down. No other human being on this Earth should be the reason you give up and stop short of your goals. Every one has 1 set of 20’s. Stay down until you come up and go after those damn dreams! Now is the time! It doesn’t make Cense not too. 

Question: Do you have regrets and wish you could’ve took a different approach in your 20’s? Do you have a game plan for your 20’s? Please, share and explain. I am all ears! 

The Bigger Picture: Staying Committed 

“People won’t respect you, you have to work harder and earn it”- Section8Investor 

Through out life you will understand your goals are your goals. The bigger context of your vision will not be seen or respected by others. Friends, families, and spouses will not even understand why you do the things you do. People tend to only notice the movement until you successful. They don’t like to hear the hard work it took or the many nights you sacrificed just to see it happen. 

Stay on The Tracks

Don’t let others get to you. It may seem hard and like nobody care but there feelings shouldn’t be the reason you stop. Focus on your goal and keep up the great work. If you listen to so many people about what you want to do; you will even drop out the race and think your vision isn’t worth the menu. 

Knowing Truly Who You Are

With all the different expectations people may have for you it is important you stay true to who you are. It doesn’t matter if it is your wife, girlfriend, or best friend. If they don’t even respect your mind and vision it is many more people in the world, you will not be lonely forever. I am serious when I say that. By having values as a man and having aspirations that drives you it is essential you stay committed and not lose focus because someone says it’s stupid. 

Why Your Vision Is Important

We all get 24 hours in a day. Your vision is what adds value to people lives around the globe. You never know your true ability if you quit to early. Each and everyone has distinct charactics about themselves. It doesn’t matter your past or where you been. It only matter about what you are doing now to make a change and live the life you always visioned. Stick to your script because the bigger picture is approaching. 

Question: Do you sometimes feel as if others don’t respect your grind? Are you living towards your own expectations or are others a bigger influence? 

Don’t Make Cense Sundays’ 

We all go to work, which isn’t bad. It is only bad when you don’t do anything after work for the betterment of your life. – Section8Investor (@jay_starks1). 
Hard Work, For Others Profit 

When in the world did we think doing busy work at work was worth real life value? When did we ever get us to giving up our lives just so others could make millions off our hard work? 

Ex. Females complain about us Males only using them for their bodies, well we should feel the same working for these big time corporations and executives; giving up our minds, bodies, and souls to this never ending rat race! 

Throughout the week we bust our behinds off for jobs 51% of us don’t even like, just to go home, bust open a 6 pack of bud light, and only complain about how underpaid and undervalued we are. Oh yeah, – and our awful coworkers. 

Grind Chasing, Mutli Corporations 

After work, just going to sleep and binge watching Netflix isn’t going to make you great in any shape or form, probably more out of shape than anything! The same effort you give on the job is the same energy you need to put into growing your business. Your business is something you are supposed to be working on Day In & Day Out. By giving up and allowing fear to over conquer your mind isn’t hurting anyone else, only self-harm to yourself. We as people need to learn how to construct our own goals, – and make that vision come into complete reality no matter what that cost is. We as hard working, low paid employees give up blood, sweat, and tears for these executives and billion dollar corporations. Why not take a chance and do the same for ourselves for a change? 


It is time out for wasting time and sitting around after work. I guarantee the head boss you work for doesn’t sit around, take trips, or has time to complain. They are more concerned with growing their corporations then taking trips to Jamaica and complaining about how life suck. There are no excuses on why you aren’t successful or where you want to be! That dream and goal you have is entirely up to you too accomplish. Let’s knock that laziness out and get work done even after or before work even starts. That’s how you better yourself and everyone else around you! 
Question: Are there ways you could be better than you are today? Are you waking up grinding for your own goals, just as you are at work?  

Darkness Falls as Dreams Shatter Underneath 

Staring at Caskets & flowers around 

Buried by my dad who now sleeps in the ground 

One day we will meet as I lay near underground 

What will I do when the darkness is near 

What will I do when the gates be so clear 

Heavens open as the angels all cheer 

Have I lived a life that left others astonished 

Have I loved so many that they loved me back 

Darkness falls as I lay on my back 

Dreams shattered as arms rest on my chest 

Darkness falls, darkness falls; yes darkness falls 

Please Lord Continue to Bless Us All !

Created by: @jay_starks1

Fact: We all fear death but we skip over our life.

Question: Why are so scared of what other think of you; as if you may get the chance to see age 92? 

Inspirational Balance within Corporate America 


Everyday I wake up, I ask myself, “how could I become a better servant towards others”. I take out my list and get to thinking, well better yet I brainstorm. I think about other individuals for whom I work with problems and ask my brain, “how could I be of assistance”? How could I impact others to keep going? How could I motivate them to do better, by just caring about their problems and helping resolve their issues. During the work day, I normally ask my subordinates, “how are they doing”? Often at times I stop them in the middle of the hard working day to ask them about their families, duties, and weekend. This was a great way for me to know my coworkers better and spend a little one on one personal time together, getting to know them. This led the productivity at work to sky rocket. I wasn’t a strategic plan genius but I just always seemed to have cared for my people. When you show others you care for them and are willing to listen to there problems, – that builds trust. You have now opened other great doors for your work orginanztion. This is how you connect with individuals and they also get a chance to figure out who you truly are as a person. 

Why you shouldn’t hide in your Office 

Sure, I get it! We all have work to do and have to put the mission first. Still, sinking in your office all day isn’t going to make you a great inspirational leader. Instead, it could kill morale as you just always delegate orders and don’t seem to care how others are doing. As men we sometimes get side tracked and gain tunnel vision because we have so much pride in our own success, which could better harm you, than it could help. Meanwhile, we put others off and seem to don’t care of our workers or coworkers because we plow our faces in a computer screen until the work day is over. Coming from behind that small/medium/large desk top and getting to know who works for you could help you and your company grow. It shows you have a heart and are willing to put your people first. 

Share great memories

I remember when my coworker told me a while back his wife loved that fancy restaurant, called papitos, but they rarely went because they couldn’t afford it. Well, one night after a long week of work, I offered him and his wife to a night out at the restaurant, that they loved so much, boy was he estatic. This allowed me to get to understand my coworker and build a new trust within him and also his wife. This memory lasted a lifetime. By sharing such a great memory it showed that it wasn’t all just hard work, rusty hand, and no days off. This allowed me to understand who he was as a Humam Being. Boy was he forever grateful! 

Put yourself 2nd

Now when I say, “put yourself second”, I don’t mean always. To help others and be of great inspiration you have to at times throw your pride behind you and think from their perspective. This type of learning experience could help you and that person you are helping. Everybody have hopes and dreams and need some type of help. Putting your traits to the side for a split second while helping someone reach their full potential is always one of great patience and character. 


These are all some great ways you could build your work morale for the better. Enganging with the people who work hard in your company is always a great way to show them you care. Putting the people first is always number 1 in my playbook, especially if they make you millions of dollars. I don’t care if I am just a worker at McDonald’s, I will always make my way to show others they matter and are apart of a healthy team. 

Question: How do you engage with your coworkers? What are some techniques you use to motivate others? 

Red Sirens, Blue Lights ! 

Red sirens, blue lights 
Who could put all that focus on us at night? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Who is that watching me with that Glock 40 hugged tight? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Why am I depicted by my color but not the love of my heart? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Can you help me and my people through the night? 

Red sirens, blue lights

Why do you hate me for I am not white? 

Why do you judge us and never lived my life? 

Why do you come into my territories with intentions to vandelize my rights? 

I know its not right; Red sirens, Blue lights 

Oh yeah, Debt Baby 

“A fool and its money will always part ways.”- Richest Man In Babylon (George S. Clason)

Paying off debt could be a stressful challenge, but very rewarding. It’s not widely talked about and it makes millions of people feel uncomfortable. Seeing how this affected my community, house hold, and extended family as a whole has impacted me to really get rid of my debt and stay out of the red zone completely. One highly suggested way to get your finances back in order is by paying off that debt and changing your behavior on “Money”. It’s time to not be a fool any longer! 

1. Paying more than the recommended! 

  • Always try your best to pay more than what your lender suggest you pay. Remember, these lender companies are not your friends at all, their best “interest” is in themselves. If possible they would love to have you indebted for life. Break those debt shackles and get that debt contained. 

2. Setting up automatic payments!

  • By setting up automatic payments you are doing yourself and future-self a huge favor. This way you make your payments in a fashionably manner and in some cases they reduce your interest percentage when setting up auto-payments. That’s what I call pure amazing! 

3. Debt Snowball/Avalanche! (Dave Ramsey) 

  • These are two great to get rid of debt completely. The debt snowball is when you pay the lowest debt/interest rate first then work your way up the ladder with the higher amount/interest rates. This way may be more appealing to people with large amounts of debt. 
  • The debt avalanche is the completely opposite but my absolute favorite amongst the two. It’s when you devour the highest debt/interest rate first then work your way down the ladder. With this method over the long haul you will save more money and beat out interest, which is always a great deal.  
  • No matter which one you chose to implement in your debt plot, these are two great ways to eliminate debt. 

Times will get hard and you will have frustration along the way of getting your debt knocked out. Staying the course is crucial to your financial future. One day you will wake up and be on your last payment. Remember, the key isn’t to pay your debts and tackle more debts. It’s to get rid of your debt completely and build better Financial Literacy within yourself and family generations too come. 

Question: Do you find yourself angered with debt? What are some ways you handle debt? Please share! 

“Thumbing Through Retirement” 


Putting up for retirement is the ultimate goal, well it should be! No matter if that retirement age goal is 25, 35, or 65 years old. Many of Americans worldwide seem to lose sight of the idea to save for retirement as they enjoy there extraordinary extravagant lifestyles. From 20 to 65 retirement may seem like a long time but it’s not especially if you plan to retire early and waiting the last minute to start saving isn’t smart at all. “Well at least that’s what I think.” I am here to tell you please don’t waste any other second or year of your life without putting up for retirement. Down below I am going to leave you with 3 keys to be able to successfully “Thumb Through Retirement” :

  1. Create a Budget. This is the simplest but effective form of prioritizing your basic living necessities and keeping track of your finances. Your budget should reflect your living circumstances. Stay true to your “Budget Bible” and don’t worry about what others are doing. If your neighbor buys a 2017 Dodge Challenger that doesn’t clearly mean you need one or something such high scale. Follow your budget and watch your money grow !
  2. Live below your means. Take notes because this gem is most precious. Make sure you are putting money up and to work. When I say to work I mean making some sort of return. I will get to that in key #3. No matter if you make 30k, 45k, or 95k you can benefit from this rule if you stay committed. It’s not easy but it’s effective for your financial future if you stay the course.
  3. Invest! After you tackle your debts and changed your behavior on money you are ready to invest. Just as you are saving 10 percent in a high yield savings account you need to be doing about the same towards a Roth or traditional IRA, 401k, or 403b. The percentage of 10 to 15 percent each paycheck you earn is highly recommended but work with what you can until you reach your designated goal.


In conclusion, these are three keys you need to become Financial Indepenedent in the blink of an eye. Don’t make it complicated. This task is challenging but with the right preparation and commitment you can reach your financial goals. Good luck on your Financial Freedom journey and remember to always “Thumb Through Retirement”.


Question: What are some unique ways you save for retirement?

I Never Amounted (Poetry) 

Long Roads, side streets closed 

Other routes headed home that left my heart so cold 

Windy Nights, Rusty Pipes 

Squeaking as I lay my head to rest through the hectic nights 

Crumbs on the floor reminding me of the poor 

Lord why can’t I open up that door

Lord why can’t I have my pallet lifted off this dirty floor 

Mama still at work because we slave so young 

Born to a family that left its offsprings with none 

I never amounted to who I supposedly become 

I never amounted to nothing close of the rich but supposedly a bum 

Created by: Jay Starks 

Question? Have you ever felt left out? Have your wildest desires ever got lost because of fear? Please share! 

Morning Inspiration 


Waking up a tad bit earlier every morning before the sunset can give you so much extra push to jump start your day. You can wake up feeling at piece with your inner self and witness the beauty of your life. Through out life, sometimes we forget the importance of having, “valuable me time”. A one on one intervention with yourself. Learning your capabilities and planning your life accordingly, before any one else tells you what to do and how to act. We are creators and destined for greatness. Let’s think about it! By waking up 2 hours earlier than the world you have an advantage. You have the power to plan and execute. Either, if it’s time for living a healthier lifestyle or reading a book, you could add that value to your life. Sure a lot of people will claim it’s too early or you are crazy for doing so; but truth being told people will complain about others until the day the big man above calls us home. 

Seeking Goals 

Every body has distinctive goals. Well I hope so, because if you don’t that’s what I call creepy. By allowing yourself to wake up a couple hours early you can have a clear head to think and write down your goals. You can come up with a evaluated plan on how you would pursue those goals. Every morning you could add 5 more ideas to that list and watch how your horizon expands. 

Deep Breathing

Every morning I wake up I take a deep breathe and visualize myself accomplishing my goals. I seek within myself the power to change my mindset and spread nothing but positivity to my heart. This allows me to control my actions and take over my conscious, allowing nothing but wealth and prosperity to enter my mind, body, and soul. Deep breathing cleanses the heart and helps your thoughts process. 

Evaluating yourself 

We never get the chance to have a peer to peer review with the man in the mirror. Most times we spend our times in the mirror getting ready for someone else. Boss, spouse, love or friend – no matter whom it may be. This causes us to lose self – identity. We lose our focus, dreams, and ourselves. We are now in the game of pleasing others and that’s the most depressing game of life their is. By allowing yourself the extra hours in the morning you could realize your mistakes and adjust accourdingly. It will eventually open many other doors for you as you find out who you really are as an individual. We don’t need more scary cats, we need creative leaders who aren’t afraid of putting their ideas out there. 


You want to allow yourself to concentrate on what matters the most to you. How would your ideas change the world if you had the extra time? Early morning rituals could expand your life and others around you. By conquering your day you could inspire, teach, and educate others. Don’t worry about the ones with negativity energy, stay focused on your inner intentions and spread nothing less than pure love. By changing your habits and creating better habits you win automatically. Remember, you can’t change others until you change yourself. Take care and much love. 

Question: Do you have a early morning regimen? If so, please share!