Morning Inspiration 


Waking up a tad bit earlier every morning before the sunset can give you so much extra push to jump start your day. You can wake up feeling at piece with your inner self and witness the beauty of your life. Through out life, sometimes we forget the importance of having, “valuable me time”. A one on one intervention with yourself. Learning your capabilities and planning your life accordingly, before any one else tells you what to do and how to act. We are creators and destined for greatness. Let’s think about it! By waking up 2 hours earlier than the world you have an advantage. You have the power to plan and execute. Either, if it’s time for living a healthier lifestyle or reading a book, you could add that value to your life. Sure a lot of people will claim it’s too early or you are crazy for doing so; but truth being told people will complain about others until the day the big man above calls us home. 

Seeking Goals 

Every body has distinctive goals. Well I hope so, because if you don’t that’s what I call creepy. By allowing yourself to wake up a couple hours early you can have a clear head to think and write down your goals. You can come up with a evaluated plan on how you would pursue those goals. Every morning you could add 5 more ideas to that list and watch how your horizon expands. 

Deep Breathing

Every morning I wake up I take a deep breathe and visualize myself accomplishing my goals. I seek within myself the power to change my mindset and spread nothing but positivity to my heart. This allows me to control my actions and take over my conscious, allowing nothing but wealth and prosperity to enter my mind, body, and soul. Deep breathing cleanses the heart and helps your thoughts process. 

Evaluating yourself 

We never get the chance to have a peer to peer review with the man in the mirror. Most times we spend our times in the mirror getting ready for someone else. Boss, spouse, love or friend – no matter whom it may be. This causes us to lose self – identity. We lose our focus, dreams, and ourselves. We are now in the game of pleasing others and that’s the most depressing game of life their is. By allowing yourself the extra hours in the morning you could realize your mistakes and adjust accourdingly. It will eventually open many other doors for you as you find out who you really are as an individual. We don’t need more scary cats, we need creative leaders who aren’t afraid of putting their ideas out there. 


You want to allow yourself to concentrate on what matters the most to you. How would your ideas change the world if you had the extra time? Early morning rituals could expand your life and others around you. By conquering your day you could inspire, teach, and educate others. Don’t worry about the ones with negativity energy, stay focused on your inner intentions and spread nothing less than pure love. By changing your habits and creating better habits you win automatically. Remember, you can’t change others until you change yourself. Take care and much love. 

Question: Do you have a early morning regimen? If so, please share!