“Thumbing Through Retirement” 


Putting up for retirement is the ultimate goal, well it should be! No matter if that retirement age goal is 25, 35, or 65 years old. Many of Americans worldwide seem to lose sight of the idea to save for retirement as they enjoy there extraordinary extravagant lifestyles. From 20 to 65 retirement may seem like a long time but it’s not especially if you plan to retire early and waiting the last minute to start saving isn’t smart at all. “Well at least that’s what I think.” I am here to tell you please don’t waste any other second or year of your life without putting up for retirement. Down below I am going to leave you with 3 keys to be able to successfully “Thumb Through Retirement” :

  1. Create a Budget. This is the simplest but effective form of prioritizing your basic living necessities and keeping track of your finances. Your budget should reflect your living circumstances. Stay true to your “Budget Bible” and don’t worry about what others are doing. If your neighbor buys a 2017 Dodge Challenger that doesn’t clearly mean you need one or something such high scale. Follow your budget and watch your money grow !
  2. Live below your means. Take notes because this gem is most precious. Make sure you are putting money up and to work. When I say to work I mean making some sort of return. I will get to that in key #3. No matter if you make 30k, 45k, or 95k you can benefit from this rule if you stay committed. It’s not easy but it’s effective for your financial future if you stay the course.
  3. Invest! After you tackle your debts and changed your behavior on money you are ready to invest. Just as you are saving 10 percent in a high yield savings account you need to be doing about the same towards a Roth or traditional IRA, 401k, or 403b. The percentage of 10 to 15 percent each paycheck you earn is highly recommended but work with what you can until you reach your designated goal.


In conclusion, these are three keys you need to become Financial Indepenedent in the blink of an eye. Don’t make it complicated. This task is challenging but with the right preparation and commitment you can reach your financial goals. Good luck on your Financial Freedom journey and remember to always “Thumb Through Retirement”.


Question: What are some unique ways you save for retirement?

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    • Thinking ahead is always great when it comes to retirement. A lot of people let their time slip away from them by not investing at all. Kind of sucks, if you ask me, and yes it is still possible to live a great comfortable life. ?

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