Darkness Falls as Dreams Shatter Underneath 

Staring at Caskets & flowers around 

Buried by my dad who now sleeps in the ground 

One day we will meet as I lay near underground 

What will I do when the darkness is near 

What will I do when the gates be so clear 

Heavens open as the angels all cheer 

Have I lived a life that left others astonished 

Have I loved so many that they loved me back 

Darkness falls as I lay on my back 

Dreams shattered as arms rest on my chest 

Darkness falls, darkness falls; yes darkness falls 

Please Lord Continue to Bless Us All !

Created by: @jay_starks1

Fact: We all fear death but we skip over our life.

Question: Why are so scared of what other think of you; as if you may get the chance to see age 92? 

4 thoughts on “Darkness Falls as Dreams Shatter Underneath 

  1. Jay,

    Just a helpful tip. Your post above may not have appeared on the tag pages at WordPress. I believe WP has a limit of 14 or 15 total tags and categories that can be used for a blog post. To make sure your posts appear on the desired tag pages, you may want to limit the total to 14. Best wishes.

  2. That’s key! Got to love, live, & laugh now instead of stress and worries getting the best of us. We don’t live forever but our presence on earth could live forever if we build and do all the right things. Take care. Glad you enjoyed. ?

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