Don’t Make Cense Sundays’ 

We all go to work, which isn’t bad. It is only bad when you don’t do anything after work for the betterment of your life. – Section8Investor (@jay_starks1). 
Hard Work, For Others Profit 

When in the world did we think doing busy work at work was worth real life value? When did we ever get us to giving up our lives just so others could make millions off our hard work? 

Ex. Females complain about us Males only using them for their bodies, well we should feel the same working for these big time corporations and executives; giving up our minds, bodies, and souls to this never ending rat race! 

Throughout the week we bust our behinds off for jobs 51% of us don’t even like, just to go home, bust open a 6 pack of bud light, and only complain about how underpaid and undervalued we are. Oh yeah, – and our awful coworkers. 

Grind Chasing, Mutli Corporations 

After work, just going to sleep and binge watching Netflix isn’t going to make you great in any shape or form, probably more out of shape than anything! The same effort you give on the job is the same energy you need to put into growing your business. Your business is something you are supposed to be working on Day In & Day Out. By giving up and allowing fear to over conquer your mind isn’t hurting anyone else, only self-harm to yourself. We as people need to learn how to construct our own goals, – and make that vision come into complete reality no matter what that cost is. We as hard working, low paid employees give up blood, sweat, and tears for these executives and billion dollar corporations. Why not take a chance and do the same for ourselves for a change? 


It is time out for wasting time and sitting around after work. I guarantee the head boss you work for doesn’t sit around, take trips, or has time to complain. They are more concerned with growing their corporations then taking trips to Jamaica and complaining about how life suck. There are no excuses on why you aren’t successful or where you want to be! That dream and goal you have is entirely up to you too accomplish. Let’s knock that laziness out and get work done even after or before work even starts. That’s how you better yourself and everyone else around you! 
Question: Are there ways you could be better than you are today? Are you waking up grinding for your own goals, just as you are at work?