The Bigger Picture: Staying Committed 

“People won’t respect you, you have to work harder and earn it”- Section8Investor 

Through out life you will understand your goals are your goals. The bigger context of your vision will not be seen or respected by others. Friends, families, and spouses will not even understand why you do the things you do. People tend to only notice the movement until you successful. They don’t like to hear the hard work it took or the many nights you sacrificed just to see it happen. 

Stay on The Tracks

Don’t let others get to you. It may seem hard and like nobody care but there feelings shouldn’t be the reason you stop. Focus on your goal and keep up the great work. If you listen to so many people about what you want to do; you will even drop out the race and think your vision isn’t worth the menu. 

Knowing Truly Who You Are

With all the different expectations people may have for you it is important you stay true to who you are. It doesn’t matter if it is your wife, girlfriend, or best friend. If they don’t even respect your mind and vision it is many more people in the world, you will not be lonely forever. I am serious when I say that. By having values as a man and having aspirations that drives you it is essential you stay committed and not lose focus because someone says it’s stupid. 

Why Your Vision Is Important

We all get 24 hours in a day. Your vision is what adds value to people lives around the globe. You never know your true ability if you quit to early. Each and everyone has distinct charactics about themselves. It doesn’t matter your past or where you been. It only matter about what you are doing now to make a change and live the life you always visioned. Stick to your script because the bigger picture is approaching. 

Question: Do you sometimes feel as if others don’t respect your grind? Are you living towards your own expectations or are others a bigger influence? 

6 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture: Staying Committed 

  1. Jay, just came upon this post after Christy linked to you, truly excellent. It is too easy to compromise your goals for the sake of others. Even though they want you to do well, the need to fit in and accommodate with those around you can make it difficult to stay on track. Love the encouragement in this and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thank you so much for the kind perspective regarding my Article. Glad you found me out of millions on blogs. I also want you to continue making great content as well and never give up. Life is too short for that. Take care ?

  2. Great insights. The trap many of us fall into rather early on in our lives is to try and conform our lives to the expectations of others. The fact is that the only one who can truly look after our personal interests and do what is best for us is our own individual selves. There is the old adage that we can be our own worst enemies. Equally, true is that each of us can be his/her own best friend, too.

    Folks ought to strive to live constructive, loving lives. Sometimes, that requires going in a different direction from what others want for us or may think is better for us.

    • Living for others will lead you down a dark road every time. I also agree that we all need to live constructive, loving lives. Following ones passion is always better than listening to others. Great feedback. I highly appreciate it.

  3. LOVE this post, Jay. It speaks to being in the now and doing what we can to bring on positive change. A link to this one is going into my inspiring blogs roundup post tomorrow!

    • Always have to be positive in order to grow. Accept new challenges and mold yourself into a great person of character. Thanks for always showing love to my posts. I really love the support being a new blogger. Thank you ?.

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