Short Burst of Momentum!

When they tell you to take some rest, put down the material, have more fun, that's all you are focused on & so on; I want you to look at that as your compliments! Those are the words you want to hear and be ignited by to keep working because you are close to unlocking something special. See the majority is not use to your strong mentality and will try everything in their power to steer you away, because they are afraid to walk down that lane of commitment (Dreams). Also, if you are not hearing these "compliments" then you aren't truly feeding your passion and turning your wildest goals into reality.

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Question: Are you feeding your passion?! Are you taking chances and putting in that overtime on yourself?! Are you committed?!

2 thoughts on “Short Burst of Momentum!

  1. One might opine about the tyranny of the herd mentality. Do not allow those around you – who are not focused on success – divert you from your goals or from your action plan. Do not settle for what others settle for. Continuous improvement was a catch phrase in some corporations back in the 1990s. This can apply to individuals as well.

    • Yes sir! One have to keep their eyes on the goal and prosper. Their is no time for set backs and giving your energy to people who don’t want to see you succeed. Thank you for sharing how corporations used this method in Corporations. Very interesting.

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