Step Up to the Plate and Bat Success!

"I'm to tired, I'm so stressed, I can't do it…. said then most unsuccessful people ever." – Justin A. Starks

In order to step up to the plate and become successful you have to do you. In order to do you, you have to understand everybody isn't going to be pleased. You have to understand the majority is going to look at you as stupid and unaccomplished. I sincerely believe this is a test of faith. This test of faith will make you want to give up, throw your dream away, and leave all you have worked for on the table.

Goal Oriented

Remember, successful people have goals, unsuccessful people don't. This is why majority works for the top 3 percent. No matter what outlook you bring in this world the objective is to keep that momentum and continually push. Excel beyond measures and make sure your goals are aligned. Keep these goals to yourself and continue to add on way of how you could successfully meet these goals. Without goals you are lost. It's crucial you have a vision and understand your plan of action.

Don't Quit

Remember, successful people don't quit. They don't give up when times get hard. They remain positive and openly find ways to adjust without getting upset. They find it in themselves to outwork the situation. If the top successful people in the world only worked when he was having a wonderful day then he or she wouldn't have been so successful. The point of it all, is you have to continue working through the bullshit. You have to work hard everyday and remember why you even started. You will thank yourself for not quitting when you finally have your break out season.

Question: Are there times where you gave up on yourself? What did you do to overcome that?

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  1. There are times when a person has to look at problems from a different angle, a different perspective. Sometimes, we have to think differently than we normally do in our search for constructive solutions to challenges and obstacles in our path.

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