Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Respect Your Vision

“If you can pull overtime for a job you hate, you should never give your vision a break” – Justin A. Starks

Through the good and also the bad times we need to understand that we still have a vision that needs to be fulfilled. Stopping now isn’t going to do any justice for you or myself. Life is hard as it is now but the long road awaits every last one of us. Let’s be completely honest here, most people aren’t meant to go down this road of loneliness, betrayal, in-denial, and discomfort. The road that allows you to grow and see life as what it truly is. This is why most of us will allows work for the top 3 percent.

Vision Board

1.) Set a goal

2.) Write every plan of action down

3.) See the vision and breathe them into reality

4.) Continually feed the beast; no f*cking days off.

If one doesn’t wake up everyday and see themselves living the moment then that person doesn’t have nothing to live for. Not saying you aren’t doing good but you are just following the days with nothing big to look for but a weekend off and extra vacation days. The one with a vision will always do what it takes to make that bleak glare an ultimate reality. The vision in the individual mind will almost drive him crazy just to bring it to life.

Vision Disrespected

Many of the worlds population will not respect your vision. They will down you and torture your sensitive mind into giving up. That’s why it isn’t meant for everyone to know your vision or get close to your most inner thoughts. Not saying you can’t inspire the majority but one must not reveal its whole plan to the surface. This allows the majority to disrespect your plans way before you even start and this is why most people take their wonderful life changing idea’s to the grave.


In conclusion, your vision is what keeps you motivated throughout life. You owe it to yourself to keep pushing and live for something as a human being. Without those who create, we will just be following in the line of defeat; which is go to school, church, that crippling 9 to 5, have a family, and just die. That’s why it is important one must not give up. Keep the vision alive and do whatever it takes to make it a vision come true! It doesn’t make any cense not achieve success and see your vision grow into something incredible. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and tackle everything you said you was going to do!!

Question: Are you doing everything in your power to make your vision come alive?

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  1. Yes, those around you can bring you down if you let them. There is so much inertia in people that often times when they see an individual break with the crowd, they try to tear him or her down.

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