Stay home with Mama, Drop that Debt Comma

“Why rush into a struggle you are simply not prepared for”– Justin A. Starks

Before I get started I assume that many of us are in debt no matter the lifestyle situation. I will talk from my experiences and living conditions. Meaning, I will be talking from the lower class of the 99 percent. Also, staying home longer with mama doesn’t mean become lazy and don’t work towards building wealth. You should be doing the complete opposite and making a change to your financial situation so you could possibly become better off when you fly out of the nest with your wings still intact.

No Kids, Stay Home

If you are just graduating college and have no kids what’s the rush?? Don’t be so eager to do what the majority are doing, which is rush away from home. There is so much we still have to learn after college when it comes to handling real life. We think we know it all but we just don’t. Staying at home a couple more years could help you more than it could harm you. Once graduating college you will have student loan debt and a little tad bit or a bunch of consumer debt. My ignoring the “You broke, you stay with your mama” or the “you are a little boy, you still stay with your mama”; you are really setting yourself up for better success financially than your peers.

Few More Years, Never Hurt

It’s simply crazy how a few more years back home after college could help you out tremendously after just a couple of years. While staying at home you don’t have to pay so much in rent. That money could possibly be going towards your student loans in a whopping fashion. Instead of struggling trying to pay bills moving in some apartment with some chick, you could be on your way towards a 0 student loan balance. Right after you earn that 0 loan balance, I suggest you still don’t rush to move out and collect other various forms of debt. I suggest putting that money straight to work in an aspiring business, stock market or real estate. Let’s see if you could own a home rather than rent it. Let’s see if you could invest more into your investment vehicle rather than rush into the struggle that America vigorously lies to you about since the ages of time.

Pick a Struggle

I want you “the reader” to analyze yourself and pick a damn struggle. Let’s play it out! You are either 1 going to be complaining about your own space or 2 not having enough money to survive on your own in this cold world. Either or you will still beg mama or a family member for money. You are still going to take out more debt helping America deliberately go further and deeper in debt. We have to ultimately pick our struggle and go with it. Who cares if your friends call you pathetic stay at home mamas boy? Who cares if chicks say no once they realize you stay at home doesn’t have your own transportation. When did society say I need a car to get the cute girls? When did society ever say I need my own place to smash chicks and be this incredible super hunk of chocolate? Well I will be extremely blunt with you now. In order to become financially free you have to do everything your peers aren’t doing. That’s staying home with mama, getting a extra income, self educating yourself, and etc.! You have to be doing everything the majority isn’t doing! What’s okay for them isn’t okay for you. You really have to understand and grasp this concept before it’s too late, which if you are alive it’s never too late!

Million Dollar Conclusion

This may be a little to overwhelming for the majority but you aren’t the majority and I see you want change. Every millionaire I study have a totally different concept rather than the one America sell you every day. It’s not easy but it isn’t hard. You have to take control of your patterns and brain waves. Don’t rely on the world to save you (Government, President, Credit Unions, & etc). You have to stay focused and if you aren’t well it’s time to get focused.