Save First, Spend Later

Most of us pay our bills on time but we don't pay ourselves when it's time. It's time we stop paying others off before we pay ourselves. I mean look at your check stub. Uncle Sam and even the state take their cut every pay period, it makes absolutely no sense at all not to do the same for yourself. If you spend first you are simply throwing yourself under the bus! Plain and simple!

Save More

Saving your income is important. Let me reiterate, saving majority of your income is highly important! What I tell my clients is the more you keep, the more you are close to Freedom. I like to keep it simple with my financial teaching techniques, especially when I am teaching my lovely people in the Black Community. Anyways, by following this simple plan of saving first and spending last you are allowing your future self to enjoy many years of abundance and fun.

A Simple Approach

The simplest way to achieve this is by having a certain percentage taking out of your check every pay period. Now life is hard and trust me, I understand at times we just can't do it, but if we set the goal more realistically in terms of our current living situations we could easily achieve our savings goal. If you don't have a large income that's fine because you don't need one. All you need to do is start off light, meaning low. By saving just 2% or 5 dollars every check and gradually working your way up the ladder you could easily put yourself in a better position, rather than, if you didn't do so at all.


In high certainty, this account should be off limits. This shouldn't even be labeled a "Emergency Fund" or a "Rainy day Fund". You should call it the "American Freedom Account". This account is to help you build wealth and escape your current living conditions. I want you to budget and come up with a plan on raising the percentage and upping the price you pay to yourself, such as a raise or in the form of an advance. Once you master this exhausting but simple money machine technique, then, you are ready to invest in your future and climb the financial ladder!

Question: Do you enjoying saving first or spending first?

Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Level Up (MegaMan Edition)

"Nobody to blame but yourself if you don't level up" – Section8Investor

Level Up !

In order to live the life you always dreamed of you have to level up (boss up). Doing the same thing and living amongst the same individuals who care nothing about your outcome or aspirations is going to keep you down and depressed all of the time. It really makes no Cense to stick around and become the dummy of the century. Also, it doesn't make any Cense to let others close to you bring you down. You say they are your friends but they only knock you down every time you come up with a great idea. How is that any good for you and your future self? It isn't and it's time to level up and do exactly what you were brought into this World to do and that's to lead and become better you ever imagined. Change your circle, sacrifice your time, and work harder than ever before. Never be so worried about what others say that it brings you down. Never be so caught up in people (what they're doing) that it uses all of your energy and keeps you unfocused.

Going all the way in !

I like the saying from legendary Grant Cardone, which is called The 10X rule. Off the back we know 10 x 10 comes out to be 100. This number is way greater than attempting to do it 1X and going back to the original number, which is 1! You maybe the only who believe in your vision but if you all in 10X you will succeed every rip of the way. You will start unlocking new doors for yourself and find yourself meeting/teaching people all over the world. Everyone isn't meant to go where you are going, so it's imperative that you stay on the road and take those who are serious about your passion just as you are and leave the snakes in the old blender on the counter back home in the slums.

No Setbacks !

Remember, on any road you will never be applauded by the things you didn't pursue but you will be when you step closer and closer to success. It is completely up to you to keep your head held high, buckle all the way down, and level the f*ck up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and leaving your dreams on the table because the majority want accept you with open arms. It's time to excel and hit the gas. Time to level up and show the world but more important to show that face in the mirror. It doesn't make cense not to level up and take the chances needed to ensure greatness!

Love for the 20

Today at 1:45 PM Eastern time, I received a notification from my WordPress App. It notified me that I had reached 20 followers on my upcoming Website ( I just wanted to say I thank each of you kindly and have the most respect for believing in me and what I stand for as an individual. Please, continue to do what you love in this world and continue to be inspired. Your ideas, characteristics, aspirations makes the world a better place and innovative place for others. I will always have infinite "Love for the 20". You highly motivate me to continue my task here in this world; I hope I give off the same energy for you. Continue to build wealth and live the life you always dreamed of. Keep being awesome and I love you all.

"Much Love & Respect" – Section8Investor

Question: How have I inspired you? Please, don't be shy to share your thoughts.

Don’t waste your time Clocking In!

“If your Dollars aren’t working, you will always be exhausted” – Section8Investor

You know the saying I don’t get tired by the infamous rapper “Kevin Gates” and how your homies in the hood say, “Sleep is for the broke” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, yes, you guessed correctly! You should never ask them for money advice. Those individuals are usually the brokest as they flaunt their wealth over Instagram, Facebook, periscope, twitter, and other social media platforms.

Clock in your money, not time

By understanding how wealth is generated you are ahead of your peers and probably everyone around you. You now understand that you don’t have to clock into a job you absolutely hate just to make money. Most American workers around the globe have this social belief that clocking in to an underpaid wage job is going to get them rich. That’s completely false! I was once that fool and now I am glad I ran into investing and actually see potential gains in my investments that now I don’t have to rely on a job to take care of me. That’s the problem. People who work all their lives think a job is supposed to take care of them. If that job really cared about you your employer would provide better benefits such as the 401K, pension plan, and designated annually raises. Where is your job when you get sick or have a family emergency? I have even known for some jobs to threaten their employees by firing them for taking a sick day to provide for their under the weather child. This example alone should force you to learn about the value of money and truly build wealth through investing.  

Money isn’t supposed to sleep

The top 1 percent understand that ownership is key when it comes to earning more money. If you don’t put your money to work you will always be a consumer who overspends or a worker who’s trading in life (Eternity) for money. Let’s break this cycle down for a minute so you could grasp the bigger picture being sold for free here. “Your company owns your time. Your company own the business. Your company also owns other companies and investments.” That’s why they’re at the top and you are just another employee. That don’t make your CEO a bad person but he/she understands you will never find out the secret to building wealth. Wealth isn’t about money, not at all, it is about owning and that’s the difference between the top 6 percent and the bottom 94 percent. Your money isn’t supposed to sleep, if it does you will continue to stress over more money and drag your life deep into debt, which now your money is in a so-called deep sleep and can’t grow or seek a return at all. Leaving you vulnerable to take as much assistance from the government and bring down your own families wealth.

Wake your Money Up

There are only three ways you could become wealthy in America. That’s through Investing in the Stock Market, Real Estate, or Entrepreneurship. If you are not associated with any of the three you will forever be playing the game of cat and mouse, and you don’t want to be the cat or the mouse (Tom and Jerry). There are many platforms out here to get started on your financial journey. Let’s wake that money up and put it to work so you could live the life you always wanted!

Created By: Justin Starks

Question: Do you really understand your purpose is to find your true meaning within this world? How could you possibly know if all you do is trade your time in for money?

Section8BookReiew: Chuck Collins (99 to 1)

"Money doesn't bring happiness, said the lowest class of 99" – Section8Investor

This book was different. It really changed my view on how I see things. How I see things in the hood, my bad, lower class community. Chuck Collins really broke it down to why the economy needs to serve the whole 100 percent and not just the top wealthy 1 percent. He also gave great key points on how it should happen through investing, tax fluctuation, and opposing that the working class be presented with better opportunities. It gave great insight on how money should be flowing throughout the economy and how the bottom 99% could benefit.

Throughout this book it was suggested that majority of the 1 percent were down to see changes (65%) but the others said, "Hell No".

Inner Reflection

Coming from the lowest of the lowest of the 99% I had to disagree with some of the teaching brought fourth from Mr. Chuck Collins. Me being from the lowest of the 99 percent I have seen firsthand how individuals would rather let the government take care of them than to wake up and put the most efforts in their goals and aspirations. The government actually makes more of us lazy from the bottom percentile because now we figure we don't have to work or have set goals, which is sad because we think we are getting over on "The Man" if I do say so. Welfare, childcare assistance programs (Head-start), Medicaid, HUD Housing, EBT, & etc are majority of the reasons the poor communities think it's okay to just sit around. I also thought growing up that these programs are meant to take ownership of our minds and control our moves, which I am right to some degree.

"If we don't understand the value of money and how it is suppose to work these programs will continue to consume us and destroy our communities. We will never have a chance of getting ahead and potentially be apart of the 1 percent." – Section8StrategicPlanning

Affirmative Action & Finances

In the book 99 to 1, Collins also spoke about raising the minimum wage for the American workers. I agree and disagree with this method. Majority of us in the bottom 99% don't understand the value of money so we intend to overspend. That reason alone will always leave us broker than before and thinking the answer is a raise and working two jobs, giving up all your time and energy to someone else's company. If giving a raise was the case we would still make very bad decisions with our wealth instead of investing and saving. I truly understand why those wealthy individuals who are apart of the 1% think creating jobs and funding new opportunities for the 99% think they have done enough. We as the 99% can't keep relying on the government or these higher officials to hold our hands. We have to learn, build, & create better communities for ourselves.

3 Needed Improvements amongst the 99%

1.) Wake Up the Living Poor

I do agree when Collins mentioned we need to wake and stop letting others control our emotions and wealth. Majority of us are sleep and that really needs to change. Just as the different parties fight for our rights to vote we need to fight for our freedom to be apart of economic decisions before they just sprout out of nowhere never fully understanding why. We need to understand how the economy works against us and around us. 99 is always greater to 1

2.) The Government isn't Superman

Sure the programs I mentioned above are great but that only teaches us how to be lazy and depend on the government. Like mentioned above, I watched so many people think they are getting over on the government by doing so. They actually thought getting over on government was the way of us but boy is the government laughing at the ignorant.

3.) Creating Valuable Opportunities

We need to start creating new jobs and taking finances more serious. We lack an education on wealth and that's a problem among the 99 percent. We spend way more than we make and think it's okay because we can easily work another 40 hours and struggle, which is mind blowing to someone like myself. This is why investing, real estate, and building your own business/platform is widely important, which was also stated by Mr. Collins throughout his book (99 to 1).

Proper Salute

This book was well written and Collins did have great meaning behind his teachings. He provided many great ideas and expressed we have to come together as a whole and not be divided because wealth separately equally could potentially help us all. There are many people out in the world willing to help but the way laws and politicians are set up that challenge will be hard. Hope isn't enough we have to start taking action and Collins did express that intensively throughout this Marvelous Book. I would advise this be added to anyone's library at any moment.

Neighborhood Watch

We alone with our mothers in the house

Single mothers gone to work so we only left to plot

Daddies not around so it's hectic on the block

They ask why we so dismantled cause we never left the block

Dope house, crips, and bloods got us preaching tote a glock

Just to kill our own kind before they make it to the top

Mind trapped inside a cage got us robbing for a ransom

The world looking at us crazy got my color looking stupid

Neighborhood watch, we killing us, they killing us

Jackers on the streets, they robbing us, we take from us

Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Road To Greatness

"On the road to greatness, it doesn't make Cense to stop"– Section8Investor

Waiting for the right moment will always keep you at square 1. Holding off on what's important to you isn't the best for your life. You have to start building that legacy now and keep putting in that overtime. Working is all you
need to know until you become successful.

Staying dedicated and pushing forward your creative energy could take you too many different locations your eyes have never seen. Just sitting down scared because you are worried about what others may think about you will make you lose everything you always wanted to achieve deep down in your heart. It is just you that's affected by this choice of scariness and betrayal from your own goals. You are affecting every around you, inside your household and community, showing them that's it's okay be amongst the majority and never stick out, just making ends meet being the norm. Oh, I am just going to go to work and struggle but not do things based on my ideas and goals in this beautiful world.

You absolutely owe it to yourself to go 110 percent. You owe it to yourself to make a change to the generations that we're in place before you and that's coming after you! Stop feeling sorry for yourself or events that happened to you growing up. Put it in the past (behind you) & keep trucking. I want you gasping for air trying your best to at least touch the top of what you want to accomplish. Keep sacrificing and become your biggest success because no one depends on it, except you. Keep staying down & take on the rollercoaster of "failure and success", because if you don't try you will never know your full potential.!

Question(s): When you leave this world how would you have made an impact? If you died today would you be comfortable with the work you put in? Please, share below!

Ask yourself these question in a dark room & evaluate your actions.

Switching Sections: “The Net Worth from Paycheck Mind Adjustment”

“Pay check to paycheck; leads to infinite death, let's build that Net Worth.” – Section8Investor
In my last blog, “Never knew the Difference: Income vs. Net worth” I preached the difference between Net Worth and Income and how important it is for you to understand. In this blog I will preach the meaning of building your net worth with better understanding and real life examples. Hopefully, I could persuade you to be on the road of awesomeness, when it comes to you and your finances.

Net Worth, Less Work

Building your Net worth give you the authority to do as you please and not stress as much. Building your net worth will allow you to open many doors for you and your family that are beyond measures. By allowing your net worth to grow you are allowing your brain to signal better brain frequencies, when it comes to creating and owning. A paycheck to paycheck mentality will only have the mindset of next Friday (Payday), or that check that comes in at the end of the month.

When switching from the paycheck mentality you are constantly developing, excelling, and using your brain to find better opportunities for growth. You now understand you are not entitled to go to a job you hate and work until you are 78 years old, from your death bed. You understand the difference of working for money and money working for you. It is better to understand this life value before it is too late. Seriously, best believe if they could work your useless body from the grave, they would because they know you will never understand this vital concept.

Increasing Thy Net worth

There are many wonderful ideas out in this world to significantly increase your net worth. It all starts with you! Your capabilities to strategically plan your next money move. In order to start increasing your wealth you have to eliminate debt off of your list. I firmly believe taking care of your debt is a number 1 factor when trying to build wealth.

“Ex. Tommy makes a 100,000 a year. Tommy likes going out and living lavishly. Tommy spends 89,000 a year on vacations, women, and boats. Tommy now has no source of income because he was laid off from his job. Tommy now has no money and is 300,000 in debt. He also has no capital or real value assets. Tommy is flat broke to square one.”

If tommy followed these simple life secrets of paying debt, living frugal, saving, and investing, – he would be way ahead of the game some years ago. This is why paying debt and not getting sunk in by the impression of impressing people who barely like you is important.

The Secret Stash

One starting point on your way to a bigger and better Net worth is having that “secret stash”. Some call it the emergency fund, life savings, or etc. My best advice for the secret stash is simple, “Out of mind, out of sight”. This allows your money to be debited into your secret account without looking, before you take anything out of your weekly check.

Ex. “Jacob has been making 30,000 a year working for the local school. Jacob is worried the school will have another job layoff so he thinks of great ways to end his spending habits and saving more money. Jacob has an idea and a bright future. Jacob open a “Secret Stash Account and puts away just 10 percent of his income every paycheck. He did so for 15 years passing his income and living stress free. Good to know, the job lay off never came and Jacob was now investing and purchasing his first home.”

Spending less

One who is living on less than they possibly earn is a “Frugal One”. Being frugal is a great way to build your Net Worth. Keep in mind all your spending buddies will talk down on your practices and try to drag in living overly spending hell. Be cautious and stay true to yourself. If you can’t go out because you are on a budget, then absolutely don’t do it. Remember, a frugal lifestyle doesn’t have to last long.

Best Wishes

In order to make a change from your environment when it comes to money you have to adventure out. All advice isn’t good advice, even if it comes from the ones you love and trust. You have to become self – educated and entitled to learning the game and growing. Your Future self will thank you if you stay down. Build your net worth and relax because your stress levels will decrease when you know you money is working in your sleep.

Question: Is your Net Worth important to you? Do you even care about your finances and having full control of your life?

Never knew the Difference: Income Vs. Net Worth

"These disparities can be explained only by the multigenerational legacy of racial discrimination in mortgage lending, employment, and access to capital for enterprise development." – Chuck Collins

"This pisses me off, so I am going to teach you (my people) everything I can to see the changes in Wealth Inequality, even if it consumes my hard earned time." -Section8Investor

Today, I am going to help you understand the difference between Income Vs. Net Worth. Many people in the Black Community seem to not have a functional understanding of this as we spend ferociously without building our nest eggs (Net Worth). It's even more crazy that we are on the bottom of the list underneath Hispanics in most cases. I love hispanics, but they aren't even from our country and receive more (better) opportunities than us (blacks). We have to understand this racial gap is a big issue. If not you, then please teach your kids, so the next following generations could build upon the knowledge and wealth.


Your income is your yearly income you make from your job. Unfortunately, you could lose that job and everything you own if you don't have a healthy savings (talking from life experience). I prefer 10 months of your living expenses saved for extra comfort. You have to understand if you rely only on one income you are bound to fail in this economy. You must use that "powerful wealth building tool" as a way out of your current situation. You don't have to be broke forever. You too can reach a high Net – Worth.

"If you don't learn how to make money while you are sleep (Net-Worth), you will work for money until the day you die (Income)."

Net Worth

Net Worth is how much you own after your debt is taking away. So, if you have 0 in Net Worth built up and a debt balance of 54,000 congrats because you are in the Negatives (Red), and probably don't have any good judgements with money. Pause! If I sad that with ease about you what do you think majority of the white race say about us when it comes to money management! They are laughing they're assess off! This has too change for the betterment of our communities.

Moving forward, net Worth is the amount of money you have in your possession, in plus everything you own that has significant value. This could range from Real Estate, Investments, Savings, Cars, and Business Corporations that you own. As your net Worth builds it shows you are doing great financially. You have to fully understand your income is not your net worth. It doesn't matter how much you make in a year, if you don't build your net worth and put your income to work you will be poor.

Question: Are you building your Net Worth, or are you relying on one Income? Black Community, I need a answer Pronto! Our communities and generations depend on us to figure it out.

The Rookie Handbook: 10 Survival Tips for New Fire Fighters at your 1st Department! 

Wow! Congratulations on completing the Fire Academy and being amongst the Fire Service where we take pride in saving lives and protecting property. Now I know you must be extremely nervous on your first day as a new fresh face inside your department, but I am here to successfully walk you through it and give you some terrific pointers. Please, read and take notes! It’s important that you do!
1. Show up early

“By showing up early you are showing the world they could depend on you”

​Throughout the first couple of days this is a huge factor of your young fire fighter career, matter of fact it is a huge factor for your whole career. Showing up early and being prepared is showing the guys you are ready whenever the time presents itself. Being reliable is everything in the fire service. It shows self-discipline, courage, and honesty. On the other hand, if you show up late – it will show in your work ethic. Poor decisions leads to poor results. Poor results leads to death to your brothers and sisters that you must serve and protect and make sure they are able to go home and see their families at the end of the duty day. By showing up early ready to put in that ungodly grind you are showing your team you are determined to take on anything the day may bring.

​Get in the habit of waking up earlier than usual and preparing for the work day. If shift starts at 0730, start waking up at 0500 to mentally prepare and kiss your spouse and kids bye, bye. Always show up to the station around 0650 so you could set up shop and get those kinks out of your early morning routine.

2. Have a Great Attitude

“A great attitude conquers the day any day”

​Ah man, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have a great attitude in the fire service. I can tell you one thing and that is a bad attitude will not get you far in this career field. By bringing a great attitude to work you are spreading nothing but positivity to every single soul around you. Here in the fire service we go through rigorous types of call from suicides to saving a baby from a burning a building. The last thing we need is a new Fire Fighter with a negative attitude.  

3. Listen Closely, Don’t chit chat

“There is a reason we have two Ears and one Mouth for a Reason.”

​This is a huge bullet right here as a new young Fire Fighter, I really need you to take notes. SHUT UP! Your job as a probationary fire fighter is to learn, learn, and learn. Learn the ins and outs of your department and never stop learning. There is no time trying to prove you are the best and be a show off with too much cockiness. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have wisdom in this field because it leads to less mistakes; but let’s never get to complacent and act like we know it all; that’s when injuries and even death may occur. By staying humble and taking the good with the bad you are setting yourself up for a great future in the Fire Service. Talk when needed but always listen to those ahead of you because they are the same ones that will save you when time permits. Until then ride the back of the P-19, P-22, P-23, P-26, P-31, P-34, and Ambo with open ears and close mouth.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

​As a new Fire Fighter you have no time to sit back and be a bum. Procrastination will lead your career into an early grave. When you are giving a task please manage your time wisely in get the job done effectively. Nothing irks your Fire Chief off any more than someone who is irresponsible. Being irresponsible leads to not taking the job serious. Not taking the job serious leads to stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes like “procrastination” leads to injury or death on the scene. The lesson of the day is don’t procrastinate. Have your P’s and Q’s together as new Fire Fighter. Use your resources around you and try your best to become that reliable asset. Don’t become that “unreliable guy”. That gut will never make it here in the Fire Service.

5. Don’t Gossip about others

“Gossiping leads to problems, simply walk away”

​I get it, we all need to talk to somebody. I mean, hey, we hang around the same team 24 hours a day and in some cases 48 hours straight. You will quick nothing stays in your bunker room. Events, marriages, and problems travel. I am here to tell you don’t entertain it. When you hear people within your department gossip about others don’t get caught in the cross fire. Leave the scene immediately and go do something productive. If you interact in those gossiping session you will naturally become a complainer and down – talker in your department. My best advice for any fresh fire fighter walking through those stall doors on the first day is to keep your name clean and unseen.

6. Be a Team Player

“Michael Jordan always had a Team”

Learning to work with others from all over your jurisdiction, state, or the world is something we all have to learn quickly here in the fire service. By becoming a great team player you are allowing yourself to learn and take care of others. You are learning the value of taking care of your fellow fire fighters and showing your team just how affective you are. By learning the ropes and building within your community you are developing better habits while making new connections. These connections builds character and add value to your life. These superior techniques will set you up for success real quick here in the Fire Department.

7. Early Morning, Clean Up

“Kindergarten wasn’t a waste, everybody has to clean up”

Congrats, you are now in the field of Janitorial Services! Here are you sponge, gloves, and robe. Get to cleaning! All jokes aside, cleaning up behind yourself is number 1. You will be living amongst others and being nasty is well “Nasty”. Always clean you bunker room before you leave, wash your dishes, sweep and mop the floors, and make it presentable for the next group of heroes coming on shift. What I like to do is wake up before morning wakeup call and knock out the kitchen. If you show your team you are willing to wake up early just to clean up by yourself you are displaying character, relations, and trustworthiness at the same damn time. By any mean, you don’t have to wake up so early, just make sure you are cleaning up behind yourself and your shift during early morning clean up time.

8. Millennial Technology

“Relationship with others last longer than technology”

Now, I am a millennial myself and I frequently use technology. I mean “A LOT”. The problem with technology is we may distant ourselves from our fellow team here in the fire station. We don’t interact and get out as must to get to understand others and talk amongst ourselves. I am here to say putting it down for a while is completely fine. Building relationships with your new family is more crucial than scrolling down Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. Social media platforms and games could wait until later that day.

9. Play your part

“At each level know your role and play your part”

You are a new Fire Fighter fresh out of the Academy. Like stated in bullet 3; your new job is to soak up as much information as you could in order to reach the next level. Playing your part and knowing it is important. As a new fire fighter, always know your job. In the morning check the board to find your duty for the day. Work with another hard working fire fighter you look up to and learn the game. Learn how communication works, radio channels, jargon, and who to talk too for certain issues/assistance works in your department.

Also, treat everybody in your department with respect. By giving proper custom and courtesies you are paying respect to others before you. Respect takes you a long way anywhere you may go in life and also in the Fire Service.

10. Do Not Burn London Bridges

“London Bridges Standing Up, Standing Up, Standing Up” – Correct Version of the Song

​WOW! When I say always think before you react, this is real! Never in your young career or any part of your career burn bridges. Everybody knows somebody in the Fire Service. This goes back to bullet number 2: Keeping a Great attitude. It is vital you understand burning bridges could possibly stop you from getting job way before applying for it. Instead, you want to build bridges and keep them standing no matter if you dislike most people your work with throughout your career. Keep your bridges solid because you never know when you may cross paths or need someone again in the distant future.

Question: Are these tips helpful even in your line of work? Please, share below.