Pick & Choose your Financial Battles !

Would you rather take out a loan/credit card to steal wealth from your future self & still be living paycheck to paycheck, but be happy with your overpriced impulse buying items or invest in the stock market to profit your future self and enjoy the fruits and labor of your wealth?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Matter a fact continue to do whatever you were doing, think deeply, and read this shit again. Even your own child could get this right but for some odd reason you can’t.

“Child: 1 plus 1 is 2, 1 takeaway 1 is 0 mama I can’t be left with no money.”

When are you going to understand that managing your income is top priority. No one knows you like yourself. Sure, you can go pay thousands on a financial expert but they are going to tell you what you have been known about yourself.

1. Cut back on spending

2. Set a Emergency Fund

3. Pay off debt

4. Expand and diversify your investments

It’s really that simple. Don’t make this shit complicated. Create a budget and stay on top of your finances. Nobody cares but you. It’s your money you could spend it however you want. Just don’t run to no one else crying about your money problems when you have nothing to survive off of before pay day.