Don’t quit just yet.

I know it’s hard out here in these streets. I know money come in and wallah it’s gone. I know how 40 hours a week isn’t even close enough to what you need to survive on the month and that extra job just draining your energy.

I am here to tell you that giving up isn’t the option. The option is taking charge of your finances. Taking charge of the opportunity at hand and staying down for the cause. Learn how to run your income like a business and not just put up with these jobs not having nothing to show for. That’s the quickest way to feel down and depressed Month after month and I just can’t take that lifestyle.

Your solution is simple! Stack, pray, and elevate. Be the leader of where your income go. Stop getting bored and thinking getting up spending money is the only option. Stop eating out every night after work and cook a decent home cooked meal. Let’s start taking steps out of poverty and into this new style of less luxury spending but having more money to invest and build a legacy.

Investing in the Stock Market could put you and your family in a better situation than you had before starting. By staying down and not quitting you get to create passive income for yourself and your family. Let’s learn what many of your teachers, communities, and elders didn’t teach you because they didn’t know themselves.

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