Roll the Dice Like Hugh Hefner

“7 or 11 you win. Get a point, hit your point you win!” – Justin A. Starks

When I say roll the dice, I mean go for what you want out of life. Shout out to the legend Hugh Hefner who started his dream off of 600 dollars and a dream, while sitting at his kitchen table with nothing to eat on his plate. I don’t care what route he would’ve took in living his life, but the moral is he lived a life of happiness. Everything he wanted to do was all up to him and exactly in his power. He didn’t let anyone stop his dreams or shatter his thought process. He successfully went after his desires and made his toughest passion come alive.

You have to take action of your life the exact same way. Don’t let anyone tear down what you see as a way of life. Any and every idea could be implemented in this world. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the journey, no matter how tough your vision may be. You are a survivor, warrior, and naturally born go getter. Go chase those dreams. Life is all about chasing and making it happen.

“RIP Hugh Hefner, your magazines got me through many nights as a young boy!”

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