Inner City Let Downs: Extra Money Problems

IMG_2372[1]In order to expand your net worth coming from nothing, you have to do the opposite of what your surroundings are doing – Justin A. Starks

Ever heard of the phrase “Mo money, Mo problems”? Well let’s put that same phrase in rotation and change it to “Less Money, Many More Problems”! Coming from the section 8 community, I have witnessed many different challenges and stress related issues regarding money. This has made me very hungry to do everything in my power to prevent me from going back to that terrible, horrific life style.

Since an early age, I have witnessed firsthand how money was used incorrectly in the inner city communities. We have so much work ethic, but we are just financially stupid. We work many long hours away from our families, some even working 2 jobs, but still use majority of our money incorrectly. These types of behavior start at home and have to change immediately in order to ever surpass your living condition for the better.

In order to change how we look at money, we have to change our mindsets. All I heard around me was people saying they don’t want a lot of money. Was it because they knew they never would reach a certain level of success and gave up on themselves, or because they were content with their low – wage paying non loving job (Owner). We just have been beating up so much mentally that we just give in to how America wants us to be. This is what they want! Throw us away in cages, leave us in the inner city violence with no hope, and never acquire the knowledge we need to get out. Until we unlock our minds as a whole and start turning our actions for the better we will forever be broke violent moneyless junkies, but with a job, house, and car, thinking we are doing better because the next door neighbor is struggling.

Going back to the beginning caption phrase, “Doing what others are doing outside of your surrounding”, is completely true. You see your next door neighbor buy a coupe, doesn’t mean you need to outdo them. Just because you hear your favorite rapper spend 50k on you tube on some diamonds that will not last forever doesn’t mean you have to do the same exact thing once you get that bag rolling in. You have to start doing the opposite of illiterate financial dummies in order to build your financial legacy for you and your generations to come. Be the one who breaks the generation of bad financial choices and not the one who continues to let your generation to fail when it comes to building wealth.

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  1. Justin,

    Check out this post with its linked video with audio. I think you will appreciate the man’s insights. We need to be careful about who we hang with.

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