Doesn’t Make Cents Sunday’s: Giving all your Wealth Away!

Sometimes when you give all your money to the poor, you will become poorer! – Justin A. Starks

Giving all your wealth away isn’t going to help your future self or family. You have to look at your money like a business. Would your employer give money to non-workers? Would your employer ever pay you more than they are supposed to? That answer is absolutely no!!! Then why are you breaking your neck trying to give out your hard earned dollars to people, who don’t even care about you? This could come in the form of spending at stores (non-black owned), and supporting begging family and friends.

If you come from the Inner City Community you should already understand what I mean by giving your wealth away. We sometimes grow up in poor communities with a chip on our shoulder. We are either entitled to help our immediate families or everyone else who hold importance to us in the ghetto. Every time they go down financially we think we have to jump up and save the day, by giving away what we worked hard for. In some cases it is okay to let someone borrow money, but not all the time, because that is taking away from your wealth empire.

Start putting your wealth to use. If you feel like you have more to give out then that monies should be put to a cause. You could flourish by donating, buying more assets, and growing your business. Don’t let others around you keep you down, because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. Hold them accountable and if they want to borrow money from you, no matter the amount, make sure they give a reasonable explanation of how they are going to pay you back. Giving away everything once you get paid is just going to turn you into a beggar.