Little things Matter

If you invest 15 dollars of your money monthly in a common stock and based the yearly yield at 7%, including dividends you receive but reinvested in your stocks you could have 85,000 in 20 years rather than just 3,600 in a traditional bank account.

No, you don’t need to be “Warren Buffet” or “Bill Gates” to make it big. You only common sense and less emotions when it comes to investing in the Stock Market. No need to watch the Market daily and wonder when your Stock will go up or why isn’t it going up. You only need patience, time, and a little amount of your money working for you. Learn how to invest and have less stress. It’s never too late until you are old and gray. Then, you have nothing put up for retirement or vacations!

2 thoughts on “Little things Matter

  1. Better to do this in a tax deferred account like an IRA or a 401k. Come tax time when you sell the stock the accounting for the shares that were acquired through the dividend reinvestment is a major pain.

    • Tax deferred is the way to go so you want get taxed 10 to 15% on your Individual Shares in your brokerage account, – but if you have those fully funded and could take the hit while gaining more wealth, then, by all means – plan , execute, and invest! I mean they take 20 to 30% percent out of every paycheck for doing hard labor, so why not?

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