That Side Line Paper’

If you start all your dollar bills, you will never have any on the bench. In order to grow your wealth you need what I call that Side Line Paper. It’s beneficial to have some paper stacked up on the side. Without that cushion you will always be in need and stressing over the fact your Paper low. Without that extra cushion which is labeled “Stash Money”, you will do anything for it like give away all of your time.

We only have one life in us. Don’t waste your time chasing money. You should do what you love and be proud of what you are doing. By having savings and sacrificing to put up, you are actually helping the future you escape the mentality of working for money. Learning how to make your money work for you through bonds, stocks, businesses, and savings is the key to Financial Greatness. That Side Line Paper is key to prospering and living a life you always imagined.