Blowing Money Fast

Growing up in the Black lower income community we get the wrong message when it comes to building wealth and gaining ownership. I can fully vouch for those words, because I use to receive the wrong message myself before branching out and gaining Financial Literacy for myself. We fully don’t understand the concept of “ownership” and “living below our means” in order to make some financial gains, which leads us as a collective group to the concept of Blowing Money Fast.

Majority of us work like slaves to make ends meet, but still find ourselves in a financial cluster. Many of us still find ourselves digging deeper in debt with no plan to get out, which is horrible. We are quick to pay the landlord, but never think in the shoes of the landlord. We are quick to blow money on expensive denim made by non-black individuals, but we don’t think for once how to make our own denim to make a profit for ourselves. We are backwards and confused and if we don’t change we will only put our future generations in a deeper whole, just as a large vast of our ancestors left us.

In order for us to be considered as valuable to the economic world we have to change our habits with money. Bad money habits need to be put at a halt. Black people as a whole have to start having a plan with the money we earn. Start thinking as a producer instead of a consumer and you will start to develop a better concept of how money flows. Become the leader of your cash flow instead of watching it just slip out of your life. Learn how to invest, save, and manage your finances or stay broke the rest of your lives, which is no way anyone should live this one life.

“Your Finances is your Number 1 Priority” – Justin A. Starks