“America Claims all you have to do is save just about 3 to 6 percent of your income to get ahead.” -HOLY JESUS

Before I nag on the recommended percent let’s talk why this is an bad idea:

1.) Hey you, save 3 percent and spend the other 97!

2.) Hey you! You can just save 3 percent and buy that Brand New Dodge Challenger you always wanted! (Being honest, that’s my dream car, but I WILL NOT) 😂

3.) Ahh come on, put up that measly 3 percent like America says and let’s go out of the country, shall we?!!

Now, I can give you many more reasons why this is a terrible idea, but I will stick with the goal of “Retirement”. If you only save 3 to 6 percent of your take home pay, that’s not close enough to retiring even in your 60’s.

The key to retiring early is to save more and eliminate those dreadful unneeded cost (Car Notes, TV’s, Cable, Eating Out, & etc). In America, we think that is impossible, but trust me it isn’t. By saving more (35% – 55%) you are putting yourself further and further ahead of the curve. You are opening doors for yourself and others as you approach retirement and finally doing the things you love even if you weren’t getting paid!

Question: What is your Current Savings Rate Goal?

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