What’s a Leader?

Leadership just doesn’t happen to just anybody. Leadership just isn’t a cookie you pass out before the day starts. Leadership are those who know how to work with what they have. Leadership are those who know how to operate on levels non-leaders. Leaders wake up every morning knowing they have a job to do. Leaders wake up with a chip on their shoulders because they know what the job entails. Without these extraordinary people inside of our Fire Department we wouldn’t last as long in the public service field. Many come amongst us as higher authority, but not many last because they miss one component to being effective; leadership.

A lot of fire fighters tend to forget that a leader doesn’t have to wear the Fire Chief or Captain Badge. Leaders could come in the form of a Probationary Fire Fighter or Lead FireMen. Those who take everything they have in front of them in consideration. Those who have aspirations of climbing to the next level, not just by themselves but including their peers before them and after them. Leaders don’t look out for themselves. Leaders don’t have a goal sheet of just themselves. They know what they do is affective to everybody around them and the Department. Those are Leaders. Those are the men I would die to work with on this Vicious Job. We aren’t heroes to the community we are LEADERS. Be a LEADER.