Fire Fighters “0730” Roll Call Shift Change!

Every morning at “0730” in the Morning for almost all fire fighters world wide is Roll call, Shift Change. Roll call doesn’t just mean you leave for the day, but you pass the torch over to your fellow brothers in arms while they come on shift to take over the roll as provider to the public.

This timeframe is a wonderful chance to stare your brother and sisters in the face and laugh for a quick 5 minutes before you hit the road home and see your family. It’s where we discuss what happened the day before and the many calls we approached in the middle of the night. These are times that are always valued and remembered.

For the Fire fighters coming on shift, we prepare to do our duties as Fire Fighters. As for the Fire fighters that’s getting off shift, it is a chance to relax our minds and face reality at home with family (Wifey 😂) and try our best to build on good terms.

For myself, coming on shift is a time of encouragement and trust. I trust the shift before me to clean up, unbuckle the straps of my SCBA, and fill the engine with fresh Diesel Fuel for another great day of running Emergencies. Also, I trust the shift before me to let any crew members know in the best detailed descriptive format possible any problems they may have encountered with the tools and equipment prior before coming on shift.

As you can already assume “0730 Roll Call, Shift Change” isn’t just a short Hello and Buy; – it is the opportunity of many. It is the last chance we may have to see our fellow brothers and sisters in arms and beloved ones as we take on the fresh days of opportunities.