Focus on Net Worth, Not Working Income!

Income and net worth have two different meanings. Income is what you make Yearly, hourly, and biweekly. Just because you make more on the job doesn’t mean you are wealthy. Yes, you may be able to spend more but many who think Income is the way to wealth doesn’t know how to value their resource (money). net-worth is highly valued by the rich. They tend to not focus on how much they on the job but seek fulfillment in building their net-worth. They understand jobs don’t last forever and one way to retire with dignity they seek appreciating assets.

Many times I hear friends, family, and coworkers brag about how much they make at their jobs, but when it all falls down they don’t have anything saved to last over. This is a terrible way of handling your income and it will keep you poor forever. This mentality will never get you out of your poor habits unless you change.

When on your job instead of being happy about how much you make, ask yourself are you happy?! Ask yourself what are ways you could build your Net Worth while in your occupation of choice. You will feel way better going to work if it is something you love and you have a growing protected net worth, knowing you are building wealth. Seek opportunities while employed so you won’t have to be employed forever. Challenge yourself to think of ways to add value to your accounts instead of burdens to your wallet.

Question: Do you value income (wages) or net worth (wealth building)?