4 Fire House Survival Rules

1.) Always Show Up to Learn

As a young fresh Fire Fighter out of the academy your job is too learn. Learn how the Department runs. Learn the tools and equipment. Learn your fellow “brothers and sisters” (new family). Learn how your management team operates and how to find the mop bucket for Morning details. You should never stop learning the day you enter your Department.

2.) First Come, First Served (Morning Details)

As a new Fire Fighter the best way to impress your Department is by showing up first to do the necessary details in the Department. I remember starting out as a young Fire Fighter and just getting to my brand new Department (Home). I was scared, nervous, and ready to make my first impression a wonderful one, all in one. When they called two additional over the intercom to back up the engine or crash truck, I was there waiting to haul it in. When they needed crew members to clean out the fridge I was the first one there. When they needed someone to sweep the stalls after a day of saving the public, I was there. I don’t care how boring or tedious the objective may be Show up first.

3.) First to show up, last to leave

It is vital you understand as a new Fire Fighter the importance of showing up an hour to 30 minutes early. This allows you to set up your gear for roll call, bunker room, and mentally prepare for the day. Getting a head start is crucial to your day on shift as if every minute counts.

4.) Have an “Want Too” Attitude

Nobody likes a slacker. Slacks to class, slacks on training, or one who slacks on helping others. Truth being told a slacker isn’t wanted nor needed in the Fire Service. We hold others and ourselves accountable because that’s the integrity we have for the job. In this line of work you must have an “Want too” attitude daily. You have to push every single day and want the drive too learn. This will overtime help you in becoming a great Fire Fighter as you move through the ranks and develop better leadership habits.