BIG Fact #1

About everybody sucks at money…….  

– This means everybody shouldn’t be giving you suggestions about how to spend and what to do with your money. This is how I will explain it to you. If you grew up in poverty, it probably isn’t the best idea to take advice from anyone inside your community when they say go and buy a brand new car or a new couch from Mrs. Kelly. Live like no other now and sacrifice the urge to consumer spending, just to live like no other in the near future, while many people are still playing the famous game of Cat-Mouse.

BIG Fact #2

Getting rich to retire only takes 10 years……

– Many people will say this is false, but I have done too much research to even think any other way! There are people out there who could leave the workplace anytime of the second if they wanted too! Even if you wanted too you could still work afterwards, but it feels 110% better doing it because you want too not because you have too!

BIG Fact #3

Work is better when you don’t need the money…….

– This goes back to BIG FACT number 2! Would you love too work knowing you are already financially set? Knowing you are just adding on to your net worth and enjoy the work you do? YES, I KNOW YOU DO! Instead of dragging your feet in the morning after a long night at a job you hate, you could wake up in the morning with some dignity. With the world in your hands and your future at your fingerprints. You would be possibly clocking in because you love your career, not because you hate it!

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