Borrowing/Lending Money to Family & Friends

When it comes to owing money, 1 thing I hate is lending money or asking for it. I see many people fall out over situations involving money, which lead me too always say no and also tell myself no when it comes to giving our or opening my mouth to ask for it. Witness killings, arguments, and bickering fights which lead me to just handle matters in my own hands when I got behind on bills or ran out of gas money for the week by finding alternatives until I received another pay check from my employer at the time.

Owing people back is the worse feeling in the world. Also, waiting on someone to pay me back and play games when I ask for it, is the worse feeling in the world. Almost feel as if I am being betrayed because I have no support when I need it back or ask for some extra help. That’s why I keep the door closed when it comes to asking others for money. I don’t want them to ask me and I don’t want to ask them. By keeping that door closed, it helped me never having to encounter situations where I couldn’t pay someone back or feel like I am being play by not receiving money when it was time for me to get me.

This is why I fight so hard to do right with money and enhance my financial Literacy through researching and building wealth. Asking someone for cash is something I would never do in my natural born life.

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