Late Night Working

I can’t hear no pen drop, – cause I’m straight focused

Pen dropping caused a noise that left me unfocused !

I was putting plays together Jay Starks back in motion

Back in motion running plays, – I was back focused

I was waiting for my chance, dreaming of me working….

Working harder than my goals, because I couldn’t settle, NO!

Lot of nights I gave up just to accomplish more

I was closer to my dreams than a hour before!

The Art of Sacrifices

“They’ll never acknowledge your sacrifices, only your success.” – Justin A. Starks

Being Yourself

With so much going on around the globe and through social media influences I think many of us have lost our true identities. We watch what we say or how we display our true feelings because of others. Let me be the one to stay this has to stop. If you think about it people don’t care what you do. They will always have things to do and a life to live. By living in fear of what others think you are waisting your valuable time acting as if someone cares. This is why the graveyard will always win in the end because you are scared to live the life you envision within. Being yourself is the true key of happiness. Forget what they think, do you, pick a skill and stick with it!

Staying Committed

A reason why most of us fail in life is because we have to many plans for the same objective. I had to learn quickly that by starting something and switching was not only taking time out of my life but also holding me back, – let me explain. One year I started doing music and was pushing songs, videos, interviews, and etc. Eventually months later, I stopped and pursued something else. Sure, I did what I loved but deep in my mind I quit and pursued something else for security, like a job or another hobby of choice. This eventually took time, money, and MORE TIME out of my life, just to throw it to the side and give up. You have to understand that the mind is fragile and will always protect us. This could be good or bad during the fight or flight response. This is why I say stick to a goal, build, and stay committed. Having one main goal and building is better than 2 main goals and switching back and fourth.

Long Nights, Early Mornings

This one will take some heavy hitting sacrifices. I understand most just won’t grasp this concept of the early bird gets the worm concept or the long nights get the moon light perception, but the key here is you have to put in that work! It’s mandatory if you want to excel and stay aboard the gravy train. Even on days you wake up dreading life, you must continue to push and think of new ways to advance your business. The one thing that gets me motivated is the thought of waking up for a job someone else created. As I sit and think about how they started their business or became successful at their craft, I stop procrastinating and keep my dreams elevated. I get the brain flowing and WALLAH! I don’t give up! It’s imperative you wake up before everyone else and miss sleep to work on your deepest inner thoughts and knock out some goals that only you can see.

Never giving up

In the early stages of pursuing your deepest dream you will want to give up. You will hear many doubtful words and probably fall in the state of depression as if nothing seems to work out. This stage is perfectly natural but don’t let it for once make you give up. See people want quick success. Something that can hurry up and spark a flame so they could be a huge success story over night. Let me be the one to kill that concept for you. It just won’t happen that fast. Think about it. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Micheal Jordan, Warren Buffet, Bill Nye the Science Guy, they weren’t over night success stories. They have many talks about defeat and almost giving up, but they didn’t for once take that as a option. Without people like the names I stated above most of us would have a dream in the first place. Train your mind to win. Train your mind to stay focused and never give up. Be the person you see in the mirror when you wake up. Don’t let others tell you “NO”!

The Your Fault Mentality

We have to stop blaming others for not being successful. Nothing works my nerves more than when people make excuses for why they didn’t act on a goal, task, or whatever the case might be. The your fault Mentality will keep you and your little mind in a cage forever until the day you leave this earth. Nobody cares if you don’t become successful so why play the blame game? You aren’t 2 years old anymore. No one is going to come pick you up because you feel. It’s time to get up, walk, and run to your dreams like no other. Don’t continue to blame others, blame the individual in the mirror for not taking ownership of their own life.

The Boss’s Conclusion

All I am trying to get across to you is keep striving the best version of yourself you have ever imagined. Never take the easy way out because we all know life doesn’t work in that order. Life bless the hard workers of the globe not the down and lazy. We have to keep our visions alive and die with what we believe in. We are all unique and come from many roads of life. We are Black Men of America. We have to stand firm and stay strong.

Why I Retired Buying Name Brand Clothing

“Why spend my money with name brand companies who don’t support me or give a flying f*** about my living environment?”

Many years I use to think like every other negro. Buy name brand items and automatically get accepting by the cool kids and cute girls. I didn’t understand as a younger individual the effects and mind games the larger media had on my brain. I seen rappers, actors, and drug dealers with the cleanest outfits so I immediately thought I needed it. I thought this was it! Like it was the key to life. Buy more name brand items and BOOM, I am worth more than my peers and I am better than every one in my lower class community.

It’s deeper than name brand clothing. It’s the meaning of why we buy it and accept it. It’s the power we think these clothes give us a black individual. We think because we associate ourselves with these particular pieces of clothing we are one of high importance. We ask for clothes by brand and barely understand how we are turning against ourselves and becoming inferior to our own black business owners.

Growing up I remember seeing the mom and pop shops that use to get started in the hood. Even at a young age I would say they wouldn’t last long or what the hell is this ugly place in my neighborhood. I remember walking in their store and saying the prices were too much for what they were selling. I would try to low ball their prices and ask for deals. This is the same way we do each other in the Black Community. We are brainwashed way before this point and we don’t even realize it. We pay 1,000 no problem with other races and say 50 is too much when our own kind is trying to sell us something worth substance. If it’s not named brand and of another popular named brand we do not want to be associated with it. It’s sad.

Many won’t understand my logic behind retiring from named brand clothing but it’s okay because they have there reasons. Most of these designers aren’t from my community and don’t give two shits if I live or die, so why would I spend any more than I have too? I would rather spend with my people and watch the money circulate within but how can I when majority are brainwashed and would just put that money right back in other communities.

Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Scrolling your life away

“Too much time is spent scrolling your life away on social media sites.”- Justin A. Starks

Since my space and other various social networks was invented, we have been giving too much of our precious time, giving away our time. These social media platforms are making us react in a while different fashion. Most of us are now hiding our true identity just to impress the public. It’s like going viral is all we care about inside the community. We sing, dance, fight, and even commit murders all over these social websites. It’s a shame how many individuals I see just want to become rappers thinking it will gain them instant fam, women, and infinite wealth. I don’t think social media is helping the community but instead harming the community.

Bye Bye, Time

Americans spend on average a total of 2 hours on social media a day. Let’s say you aren’t promoting a business for monetary reasons. Let’s just say you are scrolling down your time and posting pointless selfies. This means you are just a consumer to a world full of marketers and producers. These marketers spend billions of dollars on ads a year just to control your brain waves and behavior. In fact, you are just another individual who doesn’t know what to do with your own time so social media gives you something to do. By the way, those two hours in a lifetime equals up to 5 years in 4 months in a single lifetime. Wow! That’s bonkers!

Spend more time building

Just imagine everything you ever wanted going down the drain because of this wild urge to constantly feed your social media addiction. Some claim they could get off at any giving time and do something else, but let’s be truthful and understand that is a lie. We have to start capitalizing off of our time spent on social media and build a brand.

Don’t be another follower

Everyday you wake up the first thing you do is grab your phone and scroll your morning away. Let’s say you woke up and put that same energy towards a dream of yours. Woke up early to do a workout and read some pages out of that book you always wanted to accomplish. Woke up before work and mowed the yard your wife has been nagging to you about all week. Just something else instead of tumbling time down these timeless social media websites.

The Catch

What’s the catch for this blog you ask? It’s all about using your time wisely. It doesn’t make any sense to sit around and scroll your life away. That time could be used investing in what you love! Do something you love and share your tactics with the world. Just don’t be another user, be someone with substance that could possibly turn the world into a better place. A better place with your vision leading the way. Don’t let someone else vision control your life.

No Money, Mo Problems (Inspired from… How to Sell to The Negro “1954”)

You spend millions on brands that don’t even support nor care for your community existence” – Justin A. Starks

Quick Glimpse

Yesterday, I watched a YouTube story titled “How to sell to the Negro”, this video opened my eyes and made absolutely all the right sense. One line I vividly remember that stops me from spending my hard earned money to my white counterparts is “The negro people already feel like they don’t belong, by associating themselves in rich fabrics just as whites do, no matter the cost, they would feel of high importance even though they will never truly pass the glass ceiling of wealth as whites in America”. I was devastated to understand this logic! We have to stop paying a high price and thinking a 400 dollar shirt is going to make us feel special. Use that money to buy investments and start a low funding business. We have to develop that economic mindset in order to produce more opportunities within the Black Community.

rowing Up Black

In addition, growing up in the Black Community I have seen directly and mentally the effects and still do how materialistic items are valued and how we love to crowd the streets on a Good Payday Weekend. We need to understand our monies can no longer go to these white corporations. They already set shop all through our neighborhoods since after slavery and are taking our wealth while putting us to work for little to nothing underpaying us and telling us they aren’t hiring. It’s imperative we learn how to build wealth and create jobs for ourselves. Also, White America own 78 percent of the wealth in America that’s why we have no economic say so when it comes our own hiring process, careers, or living conditions. We need to get more educated faces in these seats to look out for our kind just as they do themselves.

o Economic Power

Understanding this will hopefully lead you to handling and seeing money different. This is not an racial letter, this is the true facts that we need to wake up and see here in America. We have 11 times less of net Worth than Whites and just under 3,000 dollars short of Hispanics. We are in last place when it comes to wealth, that’s why higher officials like The “Higher Ups” (No Names) even call your black ass lazy when it comes to “Handling Money” on National TV!! If he thinks that and say it so proudly just imagine what other leading officials think of you. It isn’t like we aren’t making money, hence that we made 1.1 Trillion dollars as a whole but we don’t have a strong financial literacy. We don’t see the bigger picture. That’s why these rooms will continue to be filled with white liberals and conservatives that only persuade you to vote for them and feed you bullshit. They don’t care about your Black Community. Our community have been the same from every presidency no matter democratic or republican. Seems like it’s only getting worse by the century. We have to build our communities and thrive, not give in to a life of poverty and die.

Question: Do you truly understand you control your wealth?

Stay home with Mama, Drop that Debt Comma

“Why rush into a struggle you are simply not prepared for”– Justin A. Starks

Before I get started I assume that many of us are in debt no matter the lifestyle situation. I will talk from my experiences and living conditions. Meaning, I will be talking from the lower class of the 99 percent. Also, staying home longer with mama doesn’t mean become lazy and don’t work towards building wealth. You should be doing the complete opposite and making a change to your financial situation so you could possibly become better off when you fly out of the nest with your wings still intact.

No Kids, Stay Home

If you are just graduating college and have no kids what’s the rush?? Don’t be so eager to do what the majority are doing, which is rush away from home. There is so much we still have to learn after college when it comes to handling real life. We think we know it all but we just don’t. Staying at home a couple more years could help you more than it could harm you. Once graduating college you will have student loan debt and a little tad bit or a bunch of consumer debt. My ignoring the “You broke, you stay with your mama” or the “you are a little boy, you still stay with your mama”; you are really setting yourself up for better success financially than your peers.

Few More Years, Never Hurt

It’s simply crazy how a few more years back home after college could help you out tremendously after just a couple of years. While staying at home you don’t have to pay so much in rent. That money could possibly be going towards your student loans in a whopping fashion. Instead of struggling trying to pay bills moving in some apartment with some chick, you could be on your way towards a 0 student loan balance. Right after you earn that 0 loan balance, I suggest you still don’t rush to move out and collect other various forms of debt. I suggest putting that money straight to work in an aspiring business, stock market or real estate. Let’s see if you could own a home rather than rent it. Let’s see if you could invest more into your investment vehicle rather than rush into the struggle that America vigorously lies to you about since the ages of time.

Pick a Struggle

I want you “the reader” to analyze yourself and pick a damn struggle. Let’s play it out! You are either 1 going to be complaining about your own space or 2 not having enough money to survive on your own in this cold world. Either or you will still beg mama or a family member for money. You are still going to take out more debt helping America deliberately go further and deeper in debt. We have to ultimately pick our struggle and go with it. Who cares if your friends call you pathetic stay at home mamas boy? Who cares if chicks say no once they realize you stay at home doesn’t have your own transportation. When did society say I need a car to get the cute girls? When did society ever say I need my own place to smash chicks and be this incredible super hunk of chocolate? Well I will be extremely blunt with you now. In order to become financially free you have to do everything your peers aren’t doing. That’s staying home with mama, getting a extra income, self educating yourself, and etc.! You have to be doing everything the majority isn’t doing! What’s okay for them isn’t okay for you. You really have to understand and grasp this concept before it’s too late, which if you are alive it’s never too late!

Million Dollar Conclusion

This may be a little to overwhelming for the majority but you aren’t the majority and I see you want change. Every millionaire I study have a totally different concept rather than the one America sell you every day. It’s not easy but it isn’t hard. You have to take control of your patterns and brain waves. Don’t rely on the world to save you (Government, President, Credit Unions, & etc). You have to stay focused and if you aren’t well it’s time to get focused.

Nobody Cares For You

At the end of the day it’s all up to you

They don’t want you at the top sitting like Oprah do

They don’t want you at the top shinning like winners do

People rooting for you to fail they throwing voodoo at you

Dreams closer but you crashing cause you losing focus

At the end does it matter it’s all what you chosen

If you running from the life you wasting time thinking

Got to put the plays together fight off all your demons

People leaving everyday they don’t believe your vision

They don’t believe in you

They want to see you fail

They want to knock you off your high horse wishin they were there

Smiles turning into demons the world never plays fair

Nobody likes you; know you hate it, but keep thinking clear

Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Respect Your Vision

“If you can pull overtime for a job you hate, you should never give your vision a break” – Justin A. Starks

Through the good and also the bad times we need to understand that we still have a vision that needs to be fulfilled. Stopping now isn’t going to do any justice for you or myself. Life is hard as it is now but the long road awaits every last one of us. Let’s be completely honest here, most people aren’t meant to go down this road of loneliness, betrayal, in-denial, and discomfort. The road that allows you to grow and see life as what it truly is. This is why most of us will allows work for the top 3 percent.

Vision Board

1.) Set a goal

2.) Write every plan of action down

3.) See the vision and breathe them into reality

4.) Continually feed the beast; no f*cking days off.

If one doesn’t wake up everyday and see themselves living the moment then that person doesn’t have nothing to live for. Not saying you aren’t doing good but you are just following the days with nothing big to look for but a weekend off and extra vacation days. The one with a vision will always do what it takes to make that bleak glare an ultimate reality. The vision in the individual mind will almost drive him crazy just to bring it to life.

Vision Disrespected

Many of the worlds population will not respect your vision. They will down you and torture your sensitive mind into giving up. That’s why it isn’t meant for everyone to know your vision or get close to your most inner thoughts. Not saying you can’t inspire the majority but one must not reveal its whole plan to the surface. This allows the majority to disrespect your plans way before you even start and this is why most people take their wonderful life changing idea’s to the grave.


In conclusion, your vision is what keeps you motivated throughout life. You owe it to yourself to keep pushing and live for something as a human being. Without those who create, we will just be following in the line of defeat; which is go to school, church, that crippling 9 to 5, have a family, and just die. That’s why it is important one must not give up. Keep the vision alive and do whatever it takes to make it a vision come true! It doesn’t make any cense not achieve success and see your vision grow into something incredible. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and tackle everything you said you was going to do!!

Question: Are you doing everything in your power to make your vision come alive?

Kill thy Interest, Grow thy Wealth !

The Explanation!

Let’s say you took out 10,000 with a 5.29% interest rate.

Yearly, that loan interest is 529$. If your loan accrues interest everyday that’s 1.18 per day, total of 44.08 a month.

Say your monthly payment on the loan is 31 dollars a month. You are not paying a single penny towards the principle! THAT’S CRAZY! It’s like PacMan in reverse steady yummy yum away at your hard earned pay! Oh, the Horror, the Agony, the PAIN!!

You may think that loan is going down but once you check your account balance, let’s say 5 years, it grew a extra 2,700; leaving you devastated and more stressed out.

The Objective

The objective is to pay more weekly instead of monthly to get rid of the debt. By doing so, you are created a gap to only put more towards the principle. This will help you pay the loan off super fast and enjoy your hard earned money. This is a technique you must conquer especially if you already don’t make a lot of money.

The Routine

You have to set a routine. I will pay this week, this day, this hour of the day! It only makes the process easier for you. It gives you a hint of sunshine at the end of the tunnel quicker than what you had. Paying off loans could be a pain but with a great scheduled plan you could be debt free quicker than you think. Stick to your routine and get it gone.

The Goal

Congrats! You have successfully paid off your loans and are at a standstill with what to do next with all this money. Well, let me give you some wealth building pointers. Just how Interest was working about you, it’s time for interest to totally work in your favor! Yes, you heard me correctly. Through investing in the Stock Market you could grow your money at a spectacular rate. Let’s say you put the same amount each week or month you had going towards your loan, now switched in your investing account; that makes it easier because that’s money you never spent on yourself. The end game is so phenomenal after paying your debts.

The Ending

If you come from a lower class income you don’t have time to play around with your debt. This has to be the first thing you think about when you wake up and when you go to sleep. You have to find ways to knock this debt out quicker. The government or nobody else owes you a penny and isn’t going to lend you a helping hand. You have to get up, make something happen, and make way more than the monthly payments. Write it on paper in all caps, “I WILL PAY THIS LOAN OFF, I WILL BEAT THE INTEREST”! Until goal is complete you have no time to get 8 hours of sleep. Continue working and putting your mind to great use. Pay that debt and reverse it to build wealth too.

Question: Are you paying close attention to your debts interest accumulation!?

Table of Doubt

As I sit at the table of doubt..

I have realized, – I am to blame

I have realized, – I am to shame

Underestimated, my life of change

Underestimated, changing my lane!

I knew nothing would come from this

Sit, think, plot…. – I was so over the poverty

Think, sit, watch…. – I was plotting a robbery

Table of Doubt it would drastically baffle me

The seating was crowded as we leaped over the balcony

"Doubt leads to doing nothing when it's time to do something" – Justin A. Starks