Fire Fighters “0730” Roll Call Shift Change!

Every morning at “0730” in the Morning for almost all fire fighters world wide is Roll call, Shift Change. Roll call doesn’t just mean you leave for the day, but you pass the torch over to your fellow brothers in arms while they come on shift to take over the roll as provider to the public.

This timeframe is a wonderful chance to stare your brother and sisters in the face and laugh for a quick 5 minutes before you hit the road home and see your family. It’s where we discuss what happened the day before and the many calls we approached in the middle of the night. These are times that are always valued and remembered.

For the Fire fighters coming on shift, we prepare to do our duties as Fire Fighters. As for the Fire fighters that’s getting off shift, it is a chance to relax our minds and face reality at home with family (Wifey 😂) and try our best to build on good terms.

For myself, coming on shift is a time of encouragement and trust. I trust the shift before me to clean up, unbuckle the straps of my SCBA, and fill the engine with fresh Diesel Fuel for another great day of running Emergencies. Also, I trust the shift before me to let any crew members know in the best detailed descriptive format possible any problems they may have encountered with the tools and equipment prior before coming on shift.

As you can already assume “0730 Roll Call, Shift Change” isn’t just a short Hello and Buy; – it is the opportunity of many. It is the last chance we may have to see our fellow brothers and sisters in arms and beloved ones as we take on the fresh days of opportunities.

Focus on Net Worth, Not Working Income!

Income and net worth have two different meanings. Income is what you make Yearly, hourly, and biweekly. Just because you make more on the job doesn’t mean you are wealthy. Yes, you may be able to spend more but many who think Income is the way to wealth doesn’t know how to value their resource (money). net-worth is highly valued by the rich. They tend to not focus on how much they on the job but seek fulfillment in building their net-worth. They understand jobs don’t last forever and one way to retire with dignity they seek appreciating assets.

Many times I hear friends, family, and coworkers brag about how much they make at their jobs, but when it all falls down they don’t have anything saved to last over. This is a terrible way of handling your income and it will keep you poor forever. This mentality will never get you out of your poor habits unless you change.

When on your job instead of being happy about how much you make, ask yourself are you happy?! Ask yourself what are ways you could build your Net Worth while in your occupation of choice. You will feel way better going to work if it is something you love and you have a growing protected net worth, knowing you are building wealth. Seek opportunities while employed so you won’t have to be employed forever. Challenge yourself to think of ways to add value to your accounts instead of burdens to your wallet.

Question: Do you value income (wages) or net worth (wealth building)?

What’s a Leader?

Leadership just doesn’t happen to just anybody. Leadership just isn’t a cookie you pass out before the day starts. Leadership are those who know how to work with what they have. Leadership are those who know how to operate on levels non-leaders. Leaders wake up every morning knowing they have a job to do. Leaders wake up with a chip on their shoulders because they know what the job entails. Without these extraordinary people inside of our Fire Department we wouldn’t last as long in the public service field. Many come amongst us as higher authority, but not many last because they miss one component to being effective; leadership.

A lot of fire fighters tend to forget that a leader doesn’t have to wear the Fire Chief or Captain Badge. Leaders could come in the form of a Probationary Fire Fighter or Lead FireMen. Those who take everything they have in front of them in consideration. Those who have aspirations of climbing to the next level, not just by themselves but including their peers before them and after them. Leaders don’t look out for themselves. Leaders don’t have a goal sheet of just themselves. They know what they do is affective to everybody around them and the Department. Those are Leaders. Those are the men I would die to work with on this Vicious Job. We aren’t heroes to the community we are LEADERS. Be a LEADER.


“Think about it with me”!? They don’t put the real Millionaires on TV, they only advertise the Flashy ones. The ones who buy 3,000$ suits, but the average millionaire only spends 47$ on a suit from JC Penny. They don’t show you the ones who spend 3 nights in a row at the kitchen table writing a budget, they show you the ones who just spend 100,000 on Shoes out of Lennox.

You have to understand how America programs your minds too consumerism, which is instant gratification. See if they showed you these Real Millionaires who may even stay next door too you, you will be confused and TV will lose ratings and stores would lose value. They don’t show you the ones who are trying to build a legacy, they show you the ones who have it temporarily.


“America Claims all you have to do is save just about 3 to 6 percent of your income to get ahead.” -HOLY JESUS

Before I nag on the recommended percent let’s talk why this is an bad idea:

1.) Hey you, save 3 percent and spend the other 97!

2.) Hey you! You can just save 3 percent and buy that Brand New Dodge Challenger you always wanted! (Being honest, that’s my dream car, but I WILL NOT) 😂

3.) Ahh come on, put up that measly 3 percent like America says and let’s go out of the country, shall we?!!

Now, I can give you many more reasons why this is a terrible idea, but I will stick with the goal of “Retirement”. If you only save 3 to 6 percent of your take home pay, that’s not close enough to retiring even in your 60’s.

The key to retiring early is to save more and eliminate those dreadful unneeded cost (Car Notes, TV’s, Cable, Eating Out, & etc). In America, we think that is impossible, but trust me it isn’t. By saving more (35% – 55%) you are putting yourself further and further ahead of the curve. You are opening doors for yourself and others as you approach retirement and finally doing the things you love even if you weren’t getting paid!

Question: What is your Current Savings Rate Goal?

25 and Forever

Through out my years, I have been blessed.

I have been blessed to make it out of my situations and prosper.

I have been blessed to wake up every morning and see the morning after.

I have been blessed to understand this life is a test and everything I do is on me.

I have been blessed to treat others with respect and chose my battles most times failing, but learning from my losses.

25 & Forever!

Broke, But Young

I know, I know! You are completely tired of running out of money before the end of the month or the next pay period. You are anxious to take a different route of advancement but feel stuck because you have too many priorities and feel as if you are stuck. The 9 to 5 isn’t working, you are spending more than you make, and when you ask for help you have nobody even though you give too anybody. I know! That’s why it is time for a change.

Today is January 5, 2018 (Friday), which is another day you have to make fast decisions with your life and which direction you want to go. Another day to get up and stop listening to others who have no right to tell you what your next step should be. Take affirmative action and take the lead. Take the lead on your income, spending habits, investments, and job of preference. Listen to me, you may be broke, but you are young! You have plenty Years of risk, so snap out of your sh*t and make sh*t happen. There is no time to feel sad and depressed. Conquer that demon and get ahead of yourself. You owe it to yourself to be bigger than you are at this very exact moment!

Additional Steps to take in order to be a Winner:

1. Write down your goals

2. Leave out bullsh*t

3. Step up to the new challenges

4. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Facts 2 The Blacks

A lot of us Black Folks didn’t have discussions at the dinner table about saving and investing, so that’s why a lot of us grew up with poor financial habits. We watched our parents struggle and beg for money from auntie nem, now most of us doing the same thing. See you have to educate yourself on finances and break that chain before your kids go through the same cycle.

It’s time we stop dying and leaving our kids with nothing, meaning they have to start over left with no advantage to get ahead, leaving them to start completely over at Ground Zero.

Let’s just hope the nigga could dribble a ball, run a touchdown, or get a record deal, am I right? Oh, let’s don’t put him over here with these Business Men who actually learn about finances and investing in the Stock Market. It is time we wake up or we will forever be left behind, thinking a sport could out beat Financial Literacy.

I know times are rough, but we can still manage to put up for a rainy day and invest for retirement. We have to do better with the income we already have, because if we don’t we will just spend ferociously. Our mindsets have to change and that means through education.

Blowing Money Fast

Growing up in the Black lower income community we get the wrong message when it comes to building wealth and gaining ownership. I can fully vouch for those words, because I use to receive the wrong message myself before branching out and gaining Financial Literacy for myself. We fully don’t understand the concept of “ownership” and “living below our means” in order to make some financial gains, which leads us as a collective group to the concept of Blowing Money Fast.

Majority of us work like slaves to make ends meet, but still find ourselves in a financial cluster. Many of us still find ourselves digging deeper in debt with no plan to get out, which is horrible. We are quick to pay the landlord, but never think in the shoes of the landlord. We are quick to blow money on expensive denim made by non-black individuals, but we don’t think for once how to make our own denim to make a profit for ourselves. We are backwards and confused and if we don’t change we will only put our future generations in a deeper whole, just as a large vast of our ancestors left us.

In order for us to be considered as valuable to the economic world we have to change our habits with money. Bad money habits need to be put at a halt. Black people as a whole have to start having a plan with the money we earn. Start thinking as a producer instead of a consumer and you will start to develop a better concept of how money flows. Become the leader of your cash flow instead of watching it just slip out of your life. Learn how to invest, save, and manage your finances or stay broke the rest of your lives, which is no way anyone should live this one life.

“Your Finances is your Number 1 Priority” – Justin A. Starks

Speculation is a Sin

What ever you do in the investing world, make sure you do not speculate. If so, take only about 3 to 5 percent of your annual income and have a speculation account or what Benjamin Graham may call it a Mad Money Account. No matter the situation never cross or mingle the two.

The reason(s) I highly say don’t speculate because you are gambling your riches away. Don’t let us forget that Stock Market is already volatile and it’s important to know which investments are sound based on your judgement. Always invest in what you know and not in what CNN or every other Broker tells you.

If you are Dollar Cost Averaging, which is putting a certain amount away in the Stock Market every week, bi-weekly, or monthly no matter how the market is playing out, don’t speculate. If you must speculate, only involve what you are able to and nothing more.

Remember these keys 🔑 when it comes to investing that was written by Benjamin Graham himself:

– Speculating becomes mortally dangerous the moment you begin to take it seriously.

– You must put strict limits on what you are willing to wager.