Stack Your Money!

Almost half of Americans (47%) don’t have 400 dollars saved! Are you kidding me? If this pertains to you you have too learn how to stack your money. No matter what you are set to do with your life stacking money is vital to your financial future. You probably want to be a rapper, actor, real estate investor, business owner or etc., well guess what buddy?? You have to stack your money up!

According to a 2017 GoBankRates survey., more than half of Americans (57 percent) have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. In order to gain anything out here learning how to manage your income is heavily vital. Without the patience and knowledge of stacking your paper you will go broke every time. I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money, but I do like seeing individuals succeed.

In conclusion, we all need to know how to build wealth. Americans are somewhat behind because we are heavy consumers. We like the feeling of instant gratification. We would rather have it today than wait for tomorrow or years down the road. Get better with your finances or fall in line with the rest with your hands out waiting on everyone in congress to give you a so called “fair shot”.

Stop Killing Time

“Stop killing time.” When it comes to life goals, I take my time very aggressively. I write down notes, think of ways to advance, and stay on track (focused). I try my best not to let my energy feed off of negatively or judgements from others. I closely examine what is important to me and my needs. I stay positive and connect the dots to every situation I am faced upon. I simply treat my time as a reminder that it could possible slip away from me, so I hold on close to it. Also, I know one day life could end for me at any moment. That’s why I repeatedly continue to put my vision and how I think life should go into the Atmosphere. I always make sure my character reflects my actions. I don’t have time to take my goals to the graveyard with millions of others who failed to fulfill the life they always wanted, because they were scared of how others may look at them.

The ReUp: Section8Way

Never think it is too late to start on your dream. Don’t procrastinate too much on yourself and your true worth. When feeling down I want you to grab a pin and jot down your visionary blueprint. Don’t let the majority of others that are around you get your down and tell you your vision is bologna. Keep your distance from stragglers that are against you and keep your head up.

Being successful at what you do isn’t going to be an easy task. Keep up the good faith and learn from your mistakes. You will to through rejection and turmoil, but keep at it before you give up on yourself eternally. See life isn’t here to like you and you should understand that at the lowest level possible. When heartaches come your way due to disappointments, remember that you are the one that dictates which direction you want to go. Live free and do you. We don’t have much time. Don’t waste it on other people’s thoughts.

Why are you sleepy?

When it comes to dreams, majority of us like to put them on pause. Maybe you had a child and had to hang it up. Probably the dream became so big and far away you lost hope and gave it up! On another note, you probably let so many people around you tell you that it wasn’t possible and you threw it away due to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

When it comes to your dreams you shouldn’t automatically become sleepy, tired, nor disgruntled. When it comes to your dreams you shouldn’t just end up falling asleep without working on whatever it is that completes you as a individual. Dreams doesn’t require sleep feeling sorry for yourself for giving up. They require determination! They require a strong work ethic! They require DESIRE!

See many of us in America have gotten too relaxed. Oh, I’ll just go to sleep to run away from reality. Oh, I’ll just rest my eyes before I wake up to reality, where my life is really a living tragedy. Change you! In order to be great, you have to first change you. Before you claim that your surroundings suck or your life is terrible, you have to dig deep and find yourself. See if you could get up, make a difference, and stop acting like a B*tch!

Borrowing/Lending Money to Family & Friends

When it comes to owing money, 1 thing I hate is lending money or asking for it. I see many people fall out over situations involving money, which lead me too always say no and also tell myself no when it comes to giving our or opening my mouth to ask for it. Witness killings, arguments, and bickering fights which lead me to just handle matters in my own hands when I got behind on bills or ran out of gas money for the week by finding alternatives until I received another pay check from my employer at the time.

Owing people back is the worse feeling in the world. Also, waiting on someone to pay me back and play games when I ask for it, is the worse feeling in the world. Almost feel as if I am being betrayed because I have no support when I need it back or ask for some extra help. That’s why I keep the door closed when it comes to asking others for money. I don’t want them to ask me and I don’t want to ask them. By keeping that door closed, it helped me never having to encounter situations where I couldn’t pay someone back or feel like I am being play by not receiving money when it was time for me to get me.

This is why I fight so hard to do right with money and enhance my financial Literacy through researching and building wealth. Asking someone for cash is something I would never do in my natural born life.

Lack of Opportunities

Growing up in the inner city it brought many struggles. One I could vividly think of is the many lack of opportunities that comes with living in poorer inner cities. Coming from these broke populated areas, drug dealers and rappers take over the lower income community. First thing we see when we cut the tv on are “gangsters” and that’s through rap videos, convicts, dropouts, and media display. It’s not just on tv, but even outside or inside of our homes. We just don’t see daddy putting on a suit!

See, coming from these poor areas we don’t see many black successful men inside of these communities, so we majority of the time follow the bad examples. You have to think many of us in these high criminalized poor areas don’t even see our own dads as successful, so now we lack that self-confidence even more. Lack of opportunities doesn’t just reopens the cycle it keeps it going in the inner poor communities.

In order to change the cycle we have build the community and make it stronger. That’s through reaching new limits such as higher education and self-education. Giving these young black boys something to be proud of. See we lack self esteem coming from these communities, due to no food in the fridge, dead end jobs, daddy not in the home, not having the best house/car on the block, and etc., so in order to turn it around we need to educate ourselves and learn how to build wealth.

Blowing Money Fast

Growing up in the Black lower income community we get the wrong message when it comes to building wealth and gaining ownership. I can fully vouch for those words, because I use to receive the wrong message myself before branching out and gaining Financial Literacy for myself. We fully don’t understand the concept of “ownership” and “living below our means” in order to make some financial gains, which leads us as a collective group to the concept of Blowing Money Fast.

Majority of us work like slaves to make ends meet, but still find ourselves in a financial cluster. Many of us still find ourselves digging deeper in debt with no plan to get out, which is horrible. We are quick to pay the landlord, but never think in the shoes of the landlord. We are quick to blow money on expensive denim made by non-black individuals, but we don’t think for once how to make our own denim to make a profit for ourselves. We are backwards and confused and if we don’t change we will only put our future generations in a deeper whole, just as a large vast of our ancestors left us.

In order for us to be considered as valuable to the economic world we have to change our habits with money. Bad money habits need to be put at a halt. Black people as a whole have to start having a plan with the money we earn. Start thinking as a producer instead of a consumer and you will start to develop a better concept of how money flows. Become the leader of your cash flow instead of watching it just slip out of your life. Learn how to invest, save, and manage your finances or stay broke the rest of your lives, which is no way anyone should live this one life.

“Your Finances is your Number 1 Priority” – Justin A. Starks

No Rich Parents; No Assistance 

“Hard times make the toughest Men” -Section8Investor

I was blessed to have both of my parents through my entire life even in the worst environment, but when it came to financial stability it wasn’t the best. Growing up we struggled, and I mean hard. Staying with inlaws (grandparents), cousins, and friends of the family was hard enough on me mentally. Seeing the struggle first hand molded me. It molded me into a kid who found ways to get money without bothering my mother for it.

Not having rich parents, I had to learn the willingness to build wealth differently than others. I went through challenges and many ups and downs. I took many losses and have been completely broke, but didn’t understand why on many occasions. Staying in the ghetto where every corner had a pawn shop or liquor store, I truly didn’t see any wealth solutions in my community. I had to think outside the box and become distant from the majority.

By having this type of lifestyle at the bottom of the barrel it made me strong. I always tell others if you make it from where I’m from you could do anything you wish in this 1 lifetime. People who experience the depths of hell and struggle know how it’s already like to fail many attempts and be in the dark. That’s what most successful people never deal with because they were born into rich successful homes. We know how to respond when tragedy happens, they don’t.

Having great parents, but not rich parents gave me all the leadway in the world to become successful. The struggle and my bad economy gave me all the confidence in the world today to do what I do and become wealthy. Don’t keep your head down no more. Get up, make a difference, and influence.

Doesn’t Make Cents Sunday’s: Giving all your Wealth Away!

Sometimes when you give all your money to the poor, you will become poorer! – Justin A. Starks

Giving all your wealth away isn’t going to help your future self or family. You have to look at your money like a business. Would your employer give money to non-workers? Would your employer ever pay you more than they are supposed to? That answer is absolutely no!!! Then why are you breaking your neck trying to give out your hard earned dollars to people, who don’t even care about you? This could come in the form of spending at stores (non-black owned), and supporting begging family and friends.

If you come from the Inner City Community you should already understand what I mean by giving your wealth away. We sometimes grow up in poor communities with a chip on our shoulder. We are either entitled to help our immediate families or everyone else who hold importance to us in the ghetto. Every time they go down financially we think we have to jump up and save the day, by giving away what we worked hard for. In some cases it is okay to let someone borrow money, but not all the time, because that is taking away from your wealth empire.

Start putting your wealth to use. If you feel like you have more to give out then that monies should be put to a cause. You could flourish by donating, buying more assets, and growing your business. Don’t let others around you keep you down, because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. Hold them accountable and if they want to borrow money from you, no matter the amount, make sure they give a reasonable explanation of how they are going to pay you back. Giving away everything once you get paid is just going to turn you into a beggar.

3 N’s that’ll make you give in!

Negative Thoughts

Don’t let your mind kill your efforts. The brain is so powerful and any negative thoughts that come in could potentially harm you. Your thoughts make you who you are. They guide you to failure or success. You have to be stronger than your mind in order to program your inner self.

Negative People

There is a time we grow up and have to distance ourselves from negative people. No matter if it’s friends, family, or someone you love. If they aren’t bringing any value to your life and keeping your dreams buried you have to let that individual go. Time is valuable and to many of us around the globe has let love and people who we thought was there for us tear down our dreams, vision, and goals. It is important that you let negative people go and stay sucker free. You don’t need those leeches around you sucking all of your energy.

Negative Situations

We all go through these and they can ruin our whole day. Certain situations will get the best of us but it’s smart to relax the brain and think about it first. Life isn’t easy and certain situations can get us down. In order to continue working hard on our dreams, we can’t let negative situations get us down. That could be death, arguments, and just any bad situation, we have to continue to hold on and thrive. Negative situations can’t ruin our expectations about life.