Get it Gone, Student Loan 

Duck, Duck, Student Loans, Get Gone ! – Section8

“First off congrats on all you dummies who took out so much money for bills, groceries, 2016 chargers, challengers, dates, drugs, & new clothes! You now owe all that plus more back in student loans.” – Section8Investor

Anyway, let’s talk about a solution that could possibly get you out of that nasty debt. I call it the student loan challenge. Yes, the Student Loan Challenge ! Let’s not act like America isn’t 1.2 Trillion Dollars in Debt. A whopping 44.2 Million Americans have student loan debt! That number is scary than ever. Also, the graduating class of 2017 owes roughly 35K a piece for their undergraduate degree, let’s not even talk graduate degrees (Masters). The crazy thing is these numbers are steady climbing! How the hell are you even thinking about buying a house or start investing…… different story, different blog. Anyway, that’s why a friendly game of Get it Gone, Student Loan is exactly for “YOU”.

Get it Gone, Student Loan 

I remember after I received my undergraduate degree, I was thinking to myself how in the world am I going to pay these student loans? It was a disaster I tell you an complete nightmare. Unfortunately, in the Black Community we like to hide our money problems and act like we are a part of the 3 percent, so you could imagine how alone I felt while playing this game by myself. Which sucked a**! Well not literally, – but you catch my drift. 6 months after you graduate school, best believe Sally Mae and her corporate assiciates is coming for your soul and everything else you own; No call or heads up, just a piece of paper in the mail with your outstanding balance. Don’t let it get you down, it’s now time to take action and that’s why Get it Gone, Student Loan is the perfect game for you and your broke non-invested friends!

Game Instructions 

  • Preferably 3 or more friends who all have high amounts of student loan debt
  • Set a 1 year goal and a hundred dollar buy in to play
  • Check in monthly too see who takes the lead (Motivational Purspose)
  • Winner who paid the most take home the money (hopefully it goes to student debt)
  • Play again until each of your students loans disappear forever

It will be a challenge but don’t give up. This game will teach you how to handle money as well throughout the course. Student loan debt is causing harmful damage to the economy, especially if you are from the Lower Class. There are other downfall factors you may face already while living in the Lower Economy (unemployment, minimum wage, single parent, & other debt). Don’t let it dry you up, take it by the horn and ring it out!

9 To 5’s Destroyed The Majority

IMG_2366[1]“You will never be up working that 9 to 5 alone”. – Justin A. Starks

That intro statement at the top with my name behind it is pure key to your financial future! Only working a 9 to 5 putting in all those hours in isn’t enough to get you to where you ultimately want to be. Let me be the one to crush your dreams right now before you punch that clock any longer, because someone has to do it. That job you hate and still pull up too doesn’t care about your financial stability. That job you take a shower for every night and morning, if you even do, doesn’t care about your sick child at home or when your tire blows out. That job that you repeatedly take abuse from day on and day off, doesn’t care about your feelings or you not paying the bills.

A 9 to 5 alone isn’t going to take you too financial freedom. That job alone isn’t even going to move you and your family of 8 out the hood. If you grew up in a poverty stricken neighborhood like me, then you know that working a measly underpaid job isn’t going to cut it throughout the year. Yeah, you may be receiving that yearly tax check, but I guarantee it will go quick and in a hurry because of unpaid bills you have added up all throughout the past year. It is a never ending game of cat and mouse.

All the time I see friends celebrating they have two jobs that are completely awful. It isn’t smart to get two jobs just to continue going deep in debt and not pushing your purpose. That’s what I call robbing yourself blind. That’s a quick way to end up on a road to depression, because you will never realize how you are setting yourself up for failure.

Me personally have seen how even jobs wasn’t enough to sustain in the ghetto, as we still struggled terribly. There was so many sleepless nights I encountered because 1. I couldn’t eat or 2. I was up hearing my mother cry because we didn’t have enough for the bills. This system failed my family for ages and it’s time it stops at this generation with me. Those vulnerable moments are stuck with me for life as I change the hand of life forever and ever. If you are going to work a 9 to 5 start learning how to invest and utilize your money better. Your money is exactly like time, it is a resource, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever until you waste another 500 hours getting it back or however time is consumed from that awful thing you call a job.

Lastly, people think just because they work for a certain company or career field they have automatically won this game called life! That’s where we as a majority are wrong. A title has nothing to do with how you stand economically. If you know nothing about starting a business or investing in the stock market or real estate, you will forever play a game of throw the money away. The American Dream will only be a mere dream and leave you hopeless getting deeper in debt, thinking of a wrong way out. We have to stop depending on these 9 to 5’s and use them as a stepping stone. That stepping stone could be running a successful business or utilizing the dollar cost averaging when it comes to investing! Just motivation for my poor folks, hope you pick this up and run with it! Make sure you send me a email to where we can discuss your financial goals! I’m out, Peace and Love!


Save First, Spend Later

Most of us pay our bills on time but we don't pay ourselves when it's time. It's time we stop paying others off before we pay ourselves. I mean look at your check stub. Uncle Sam and even the state take their cut every pay period, it makes absolutely no sense at all not to do the same for yourself. If you spend first you are simply throwing yourself under the bus! Plain and simple!

Save More

Saving your income is important. Let me reiterate, saving majority of your income is highly important! What I tell my clients is the more you keep, the more you are close to Freedom. I like to keep it simple with my financial teaching techniques, especially when I am teaching my lovely people in the Black Community. Anyways, by following this simple plan of saving first and spending last you are allowing your future self to enjoy many years of abundance and fun.

A Simple Approach

The simplest way to achieve this is by having a certain percentage taking out of your check every pay period. Now life is hard and trust me, I understand at times we just can't do it, but if we set the goal more realistically in terms of our current living situations we could easily achieve our savings goal. If you don't have a large income that's fine because you don't need one. All you need to do is start off light, meaning low. By saving just 2% or 5 dollars every check and gradually working your way up the ladder you could easily put yourself in a better position, rather than, if you didn't do so at all.


In high certainty, this account should be off limits. This shouldn't even be labeled a "Emergency Fund" or a "Rainy day Fund". You should call it the "American Freedom Account". This account is to help you build wealth and escape your current living conditions. I want you to budget and come up with a plan on raising the percentage and upping the price you pay to yourself, such as a raise or in the form of an advance. Once you master this exhausting but simple money machine technique, then, you are ready to invest in your future and climb the financial ladder!

Question: Do you enjoying saving first or spending first?

Never knew the Difference: Income Vs. Net Worth

"These disparities can be explained only by the multigenerational legacy of racial discrimination in mortgage lending, employment, and access to capital for enterprise development." – Chuck Collins

"This pisses me off, so I am going to teach you (my people) everything I can to see the changes in Wealth Inequality, even if it consumes my hard earned time." -Section8Investor

Today, I am going to help you understand the difference between Income Vs. Net Worth. Many people in the Black Community seem to not have a functional understanding of this as we spend ferociously without building our nest eggs (Net Worth). It's even more crazy that we are on the bottom of the list underneath Hispanics in most cases. I love hispanics, but they aren't even from our country and receive more (better) opportunities than us (blacks). We have to understand this racial gap is a big issue. If not you, then please teach your kids, so the next following generations could build upon the knowledge and wealth.


Your income is your yearly income you make from your job. Unfortunately, you could lose that job and everything you own if you don't have a healthy savings (talking from life experience). I prefer 10 months of your living expenses saved for extra comfort. You have to understand if you rely only on one income you are bound to fail in this economy. You must use that "powerful wealth building tool" as a way out of your current situation. You don't have to be broke forever. You too can reach a high Net – Worth.

"If you don't learn how to make money while you are sleep (Net-Worth), you will work for money until the day you die (Income)."

Net Worth

Net Worth is how much you own after your debt is taking away. So, if you have 0 in Net Worth built up and a debt balance of 54,000 congrats because you are in the Negatives (Red), and probably don't have any good judgements with money. Pause! If I sad that with ease about you what do you think majority of the white race say about us when it comes to money management! They are laughing they're assess off! This has too change for the betterment of our communities.

Moving forward, net Worth is the amount of money you have in your possession, in plus everything you own that has significant value. This could range from Real Estate, Investments, Savings, Cars, and Business Corporations that you own. As your net Worth builds it shows you are doing great financially. You have to fully understand your income is not your net worth. It doesn't matter how much you make in a year, if you don't build your net worth and put your income to work you will be poor.

Question: Are you building your Net Worth, or are you relying on one Income? Black Community, I need a answer Pronto! Our communities and generations depend on us to figure it out.

Oh yeah, Debt Baby 

“A fool and its money will always part ways.”- Richest Man In Babylon (George S. Clason)

Paying off debt could be a stressful challenge, but very rewarding. It’s not widely talked about and it makes millions of people feel uncomfortable. Seeing how this affected my community, house hold, and extended family as a whole has impacted me to really get rid of my debt and stay out of the red zone completely. One highly suggested way to get your finances back in order is by paying off that debt and changing your behavior on “Money”. It’s time to not be a fool any longer! 

1. Paying more than the recommended! 

  • Always try your best to pay more than what your lender suggest you pay. Remember, these lender companies are not your friends at all, their best “interest” is in themselves. If possible they would love to have you indebted for life. Break those debt shackles and get that debt contained. 

2. Setting up automatic payments!

  • By setting up automatic payments you are doing yourself and future-self a huge favor. This way you make your payments in a fashionably manner and in some cases they reduce your interest percentage when setting up auto-payments. That’s what I call pure amazing! 

3. Debt Snowball/Avalanche! (Dave Ramsey) 

  • These are two great to get rid of debt completely. The debt snowball is when you pay the lowest debt/interest rate first then work your way up the ladder with the higher amount/interest rates. This way may be more appealing to people with large amounts of debt. 
  • The debt avalanche is the completely opposite but my absolute favorite amongst the two. It’s when you devour the highest debt/interest rate first then work your way down the ladder. With this method over the long haul you will save more money and beat out interest, which is always a great deal.  
  • No matter which one you chose to implement in your debt plot, these are two great ways to eliminate debt. 

Times will get hard and you will have frustration along the way of getting your debt knocked out. Staying the course is crucial to your financial future. One day you will wake up and be on your last payment. Remember, the key isn’t to pay your debts and tackle more debts. It’s to get rid of your debt completely and build better Financial Literacy within yourself and family generations too come. 

Question: Do you find yourself angered with debt? What are some ways you handle debt? Please share! 

Don’t Touch That Account 


It is mandatory that you open up a high yields savings account and stash money away for a complete get away. I am not talking about a trip to Jamaica or The Bahamas by the way. I mean getting away from financial crisis and the tired ass Below Average Income (Poverty) that you hate so much. Anyway, before I get off track, by opening up a high yields savings account and of course putting a percentage of your income in there you are allowing your money to grow over time. Even if it’s just 0.25 cents a Month, it’s still “Free Money”. It’s just like investing but simplified. You are investing in your future. Either if you want to buy a house or a new couch. I highly recommend you never touch this account until a crisis come like loss of a job or a spouse but other than that it’s hands off. Let this account get you away from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Let it help you and your family become much more powerful than what you already are. 

Investing in your High Yields Savings Account

You want to invest 10 percent of your income in this account. You want to invest that same percentage every paycheck, no matter the circumstance. Now, listen closely – if you can invest more than recommended be my guess, – if you can’t do the recommended and have to contribute an smaller amount, well by all means, be my guess. “Long as you are investing something is what I am trying to exaggerate.”

Three Online Accounts I highly recommend

Ally Bank – 1.15% Interest Rate 

Synchrony Bank – 1.15% Interest Rate 

Goldman Sachs Bank – 1.20% Interest Rate 


By having this account you are allowing great times to flow in your life. The fear of not having enough or eating Ramon noodles because you are broke is over. This account could help you reach many levels you have never dreamed of. By staying disciplined and learning how compound interest works at this level, you will no longer be afraid of the stock market risk or investing in a property. I am highly speaking to my community which is the “Black Community”, but please any one is welcomed to read and take in this free knowledge. In order to have a say so in this world we have to start doing better economically. Stay down and invest and you will eventually out do the rest. Take care! 

Link to Top 5 Online Savings Account:

Question: Are you saving for your Financial Future? 

“What lies inside”

The Beautiful Meaning:

This poem is dedicated to everyone who knows what they are worth but aren’t taking the necessary steps to step up and be great. This Poem is inspired to “grasp” my readers into a paradox of mysterious faith. Which fate is yours to take?

The Art: 

What is it your heart is trying to say? 

Is it sound or is it safe? 

Is it heaven or is it hell?

As these worlds collide and earth prevails? 

What am I missing? 

What am I dismissing?

For I am not wise enough to realize what lies inside! 

For I am not capable of doing what my heart decides! 

I can’t longer waste what lies inside

I can no longer let fear hide what lies insides…. 

Poetry Presented by: Jay Starks 

Question: Are you hiding your true talents by living deeply in fear? Why are you so afraid of being great? Please share, let’s discuss! 

The Almighty Bankroll! 


I remember growing up having a “Bankroll” showed significant power in the Black Community. 

It was like having everything right in your pocket. I easily thought by having such a “bankroll” was going to show me the world and allow access to everything I ever wanted. Such as women, cars, jewelry, and fresh clothes.

“That mentality I had was formed from growing up in poverty. I did all types of connery for it and some things I don’t regret because it made me who I am today.”

Growing up in the lower class part of the state – we all dreamed daily of having that big bankroll. It’s like we were junkies with a adrenaline rush! It’s funny because once we receive large amounts of money we spent it on materialistic items that I stated earlier in this passage. 

We as a whole lacked “Financial Literacy”. A tool I wish I had known about a couple years back. Without us knowing how money works we were eventually going around in a circle of not having. 

Not having a great life. Not having wealth. Not having the mentality of developing and wanting better than poverty. Not having the mentality of wanting to own corporations and businesses. This crippled every one around me and it was plain out depressing. 

“It was also – make the bankroll, show off the bankroll, spend the bankroll, and be back broke doing things such as working harder breaking our backs or criminal activity that ended up with most of us on our backs (6 feet under) or in a prison cell.”

This wasn’t good at all for my community but we often mixed crime and trading our valuable time for pennies which wasn’t rationally good for any of us. 

I firmly believe we need the knowledge of Financial Literacy implemented in the Black Community. Sure it’s cool showing off your bankroll but if you don’t know how to secure the bag for long term wealth then what are you doing?

Please share your own experience with “The Bankroll” below in the comment section.

Question: Also do you think Financial Literacy is non-existing in your community? Please do elloborate! 

Section8Controversy: “Blood Money”

I lost so many loved ones from the block.

They went from the corner to the coroner.

It shocks me everytime I turn on the news and another brother gone so young.

It is time out for the violence but I know majority not hearing me.

I am tired of the Funerals & T-Shirts.

I am tired of the Suits and Tears Fallen.

When are we going to understand Crime and Money don’t mix?

When are we going to understand Blood and Money don’t mix?

Controversy I can sense it like a bomb tick!

I’m from the ghetto where majority of the minds sick.

They’ll pick up a gun rather than throw they own fist.

Blood Money, Blood Money, Blood Money!

Am I the only one that noticed you took the love from me?

Blood Money, Blood Money, Blood Money!

Am I the only one that noticed you turned the hood on me?