Little things Matter

If you invest 15 dollars of your money monthly in a common stock and based the yearly yield at 7%, including dividends you receive but reinvested in your stocks you could have 85,000 in 20 years rather than just 3,600 in a traditional bank account.

No, you don’t need to be “Warren Buffet” or “Bill Gates” to make it big. You only common sense and less emotions when it comes to investing in the Stock Market. No need to watch the Market daily and wonder when your Stock will go up or why isn’t it going up. You only need patience, time, and a little amount of your money working for you. Learn how to invest and have less stress. It’s never too late until you are old and gray. Then, you have nothing put up for retirement or vacations!

Get it Gone, Student Loan 

Duck, Duck, Student Loans, Get Gone ! – Section8

“First off congrats on all you dummies who took out so much money for bills, groceries, 2016 chargers, challengers, dates, drugs, & new clothes! You now owe all that plus more back in student loans.” – Section8Investor

Anyway, let’s talk about a solution that could possibly get you out of that nasty debt. I call it the student loan challenge. Yes, the Student Loan Challenge ! Let’s not act like America isn’t 1.2 Trillion Dollars in Debt. A whopping 44.2 Million Americans have student loan debt! That number is scary than ever. Also, the graduating class of 2017 owes roughly 35K a piece for their undergraduate degree, let’s not even talk graduate degrees (Masters). The crazy thing is these numbers are steady climbing! How the hell are you even thinking about buying a house or start investing…… different story, different blog. Anyway, that’s why a friendly game of Get it Gone, Student Loan is exactly for “YOU”.

Get it Gone, Student Loan 

I remember after I received my undergraduate degree, I was thinking to myself how in the world am I going to pay these student loans? It was a disaster I tell you an complete nightmare. Unfortunately, in the Black Community we like to hide our money problems and act like we are a part of the 3 percent, so you could imagine how alone I felt while playing this game by myself. Which sucked a**! Well not literally, – but you catch my drift. 6 months after you graduate school, best believe Sally Mae and her corporate assiciates is coming for your soul and everything else you own; No call or heads up, just a piece of paper in the mail with your outstanding balance. Don’t let it get you down, it’s now time to take action and that’s why Get it Gone, Student Loan is the perfect game for you and your broke non-invested friends!

Game Instructions 

  • Preferably 3 or more friends who all have high amounts of student loan debt
  • Set a 1 year goal and a hundred dollar buy in to play
  • Check in monthly too see who takes the lead (Motivational Purspose)
  • Winner who paid the most take home the money (hopefully it goes to student debt)
  • Play again until each of your students loans disappear forever

It will be a challenge but don’t give up. This game will teach you how to handle money as well throughout the course. Student loan debt is causing harmful damage to the economy, especially if you are from the Lower Class. There are other downfall factors you may face already while living in the Lower Economy (unemployment, minimum wage, single parent, & other debt). Don’t let it dry you up, take it by the horn and ring it out!

Switching Sections: “The Net Worth from Paycheck Mind Adjustment”

“Pay check to paycheck; leads to infinite death, let's build that Net Worth.” – Section8Investor
In my last blog, “Never knew the Difference: Income vs. Net worth” I preached the difference between Net Worth and Income and how important it is for you to understand. In this blog I will preach the meaning of building your net worth with better understanding and real life examples. Hopefully, I could persuade you to be on the road of awesomeness, when it comes to you and your finances.

Net Worth, Less Work

Building your Net worth give you the authority to do as you please and not stress as much. Building your net worth will allow you to open many doors for you and your family that are beyond measures. By allowing your net worth to grow you are allowing your brain to signal better brain frequencies, when it comes to creating and owning. A paycheck to paycheck mentality will only have the mindset of next Friday (Payday), or that check that comes in at the end of the month.

When switching from the paycheck mentality you are constantly developing, excelling, and using your brain to find better opportunities for growth. You now understand you are not entitled to go to a job you hate and work until you are 78 years old, from your death bed. You understand the difference of working for money and money working for you. It is better to understand this life value before it is too late. Seriously, best believe if they could work your useless body from the grave, they would because they know you will never understand this vital concept.

Increasing Thy Net worth

There are many wonderful ideas out in this world to significantly increase your net worth. It all starts with you! Your capabilities to strategically plan your next money move. In order to start increasing your wealth you have to eliminate debt off of your list. I firmly believe taking care of your debt is a number 1 factor when trying to build wealth.

“Ex. Tommy makes a 100,000 a year. Tommy likes going out and living lavishly. Tommy spends 89,000 a year on vacations, women, and boats. Tommy now has no source of income because he was laid off from his job. Tommy now has no money and is 300,000 in debt. He also has no capital or real value assets. Tommy is flat broke to square one.”

If tommy followed these simple life secrets of paying debt, living frugal, saving, and investing, – he would be way ahead of the game some years ago. This is why paying debt and not getting sunk in by the impression of impressing people who barely like you is important.

The Secret Stash

One starting point on your way to a bigger and better Net worth is having that “secret stash”. Some call it the emergency fund, life savings, or etc. My best advice for the secret stash is simple, “Out of mind, out of sight”. This allows your money to be debited into your secret account without looking, before you take anything out of your weekly check.

Ex. “Jacob has been making 30,000 a year working for the local school. Jacob is worried the school will have another job layoff so he thinks of great ways to end his spending habits and saving more money. Jacob has an idea and a bright future. Jacob open a “Secret Stash Account and puts away just 10 percent of his income every paycheck. He did so for 15 years passing his income and living stress free. Good to know, the job lay off never came and Jacob was now investing and purchasing his first home.”

Spending less

One who is living on less than they possibly earn is a “Frugal One”. Being frugal is a great way to build your Net Worth. Keep in mind all your spending buddies will talk down on your practices and try to drag in living overly spending hell. Be cautious and stay true to yourself. If you can’t go out because you are on a budget, then absolutely don’t do it. Remember, a frugal lifestyle doesn’t have to last long.

Best Wishes

In order to make a change from your environment when it comes to money you have to adventure out. All advice isn’t good advice, even if it comes from the ones you love and trust. You have to become self – educated and entitled to learning the game and growing. Your Future self will thank you if you stay down. Build your net worth and relax because your stress levels will decrease when you know you money is working in your sleep.

Question: Is your Net Worth important to you? Do you even care about your finances and having full control of your life?

Never knew the Difference: Income Vs. Net Worth

"These disparities can be explained only by the multigenerational legacy of racial discrimination in mortgage lending, employment, and access to capital for enterprise development." – Chuck Collins

"This pisses me off, so I am going to teach you (my people) everything I can to see the changes in Wealth Inequality, even if it consumes my hard earned time." -Section8Investor

Today, I am going to help you understand the difference between Income Vs. Net Worth. Many people in the Black Community seem to not have a functional understanding of this as we spend ferociously without building our nest eggs (Net Worth). It's even more crazy that we are on the bottom of the list underneath Hispanics in most cases. I love hispanics, but they aren't even from our country and receive more (better) opportunities than us (blacks). We have to understand this racial gap is a big issue. If not you, then please teach your kids, so the next following generations could build upon the knowledge and wealth.


Your income is your yearly income you make from your job. Unfortunately, you could lose that job and everything you own if you don't have a healthy savings (talking from life experience). I prefer 10 months of your living expenses saved for extra comfort. You have to understand if you rely only on one income you are bound to fail in this economy. You must use that "powerful wealth building tool" as a way out of your current situation. You don't have to be broke forever. You too can reach a high Net – Worth.

"If you don't learn how to make money while you are sleep (Net-Worth), you will work for money until the day you die (Income)."

Net Worth

Net Worth is how much you own after your debt is taking away. So, if you have 0 in Net Worth built up and a debt balance of 54,000 congrats because you are in the Negatives (Red), and probably don't have any good judgements with money. Pause! If I sad that with ease about you what do you think majority of the white race say about us when it comes to money management! They are laughing they're assess off! This has too change for the betterment of our communities.

Moving forward, net Worth is the amount of money you have in your possession, in plus everything you own that has significant value. This could range from Real Estate, Investments, Savings, Cars, and Business Corporations that you own. As your net Worth builds it shows you are doing great financially. You have to fully understand your income is not your net worth. It doesn't matter how much you make in a year, if you don't build your net worth and put your income to work you will be poor.

Question: Are you building your Net Worth, or are you relying on one Income? Black Community, I need a answer Pronto! Our communities and generations depend on us to figure it out.

Don’t Make Cense Sundays’ 

We all go to work, which isn’t bad. It is only bad when you don’t do anything after work for the betterment of your life. – Section8Investor (@jay_starks1). 
Hard Work, For Others Profit 

When in the world did we think doing busy work at work was worth real life value? When did we ever get us to giving up our lives just so others could make millions off our hard work? 

Ex. Females complain about us Males only using them for their bodies, well we should feel the same working for these big time corporations and executives; giving up our minds, bodies, and souls to this never ending rat race! 

Throughout the week we bust our behinds off for jobs 51% of us don’t even like, just to go home, bust open a 6 pack of bud light, and only complain about how underpaid and undervalued we are. Oh yeah, – and our awful coworkers. 

Grind Chasing, Mutli Corporations 

After work, just going to sleep and binge watching Netflix isn’t going to make you great in any shape or form, probably more out of shape than anything! The same effort you give on the job is the same energy you need to put into growing your business. Your business is something you are supposed to be working on Day In & Day Out. By giving up and allowing fear to over conquer your mind isn’t hurting anyone else, only self-harm to yourself. We as people need to learn how to construct our own goals, – and make that vision come into complete reality no matter what that cost is. We as hard working, low paid employees give up blood, sweat, and tears for these executives and billion dollar corporations. Why not take a chance and do the same for ourselves for a change? 


It is time out for wasting time and sitting around after work. I guarantee the head boss you work for doesn’t sit around, take trips, or has time to complain. They are more concerned with growing their corporations then taking trips to Jamaica and complaining about how life suck. There are no excuses on why you aren’t successful or where you want to be! That dream and goal you have is entirely up to you too accomplish. Let’s knock that laziness out and get work done even after or before work even starts. That’s how you better yourself and everyone else around you! 
Question: Are there ways you could be better than you are today? Are you waking up grinding for your own goals, just as you are at work?  

Oh yeah, Debt Baby 

“A fool and its money will always part ways.”- Richest Man In Babylon (George S. Clason)

Paying off debt could be a stressful challenge, but very rewarding. It’s not widely talked about and it makes millions of people feel uncomfortable. Seeing how this affected my community, house hold, and extended family as a whole has impacted me to really get rid of my debt and stay out of the red zone completely. One highly suggested way to get your finances back in order is by paying off that debt and changing your behavior on “Money”. It’s time to not be a fool any longer! 

1. Paying more than the recommended! 

  • Always try your best to pay more than what your lender suggest you pay. Remember, these lender companies are not your friends at all, their best “interest” is in themselves. If possible they would love to have you indebted for life. Break those debt shackles and get that debt contained. 

2. Setting up automatic payments!

  • By setting up automatic payments you are doing yourself and future-self a huge favor. This way you make your payments in a fashionably manner and in some cases they reduce your interest percentage when setting up auto-payments. That’s what I call pure amazing! 

3. Debt Snowball/Avalanche! (Dave Ramsey) 

  • These are two great to get rid of debt completely. The debt snowball is when you pay the lowest debt/interest rate first then work your way up the ladder with the higher amount/interest rates. This way may be more appealing to people with large amounts of debt. 
  • The debt avalanche is the completely opposite but my absolute favorite amongst the two. It’s when you devour the highest debt/interest rate first then work your way down the ladder. With this method over the long haul you will save more money and beat out interest, which is always a great deal.  
  • No matter which one you chose to implement in your debt plot, these are two great ways to eliminate debt. 

Times will get hard and you will have frustration along the way of getting your debt knocked out. Staying the course is crucial to your financial future. One day you will wake up and be on your last payment. Remember, the key isn’t to pay your debts and tackle more debts. It’s to get rid of your debt completely and build better Financial Literacy within yourself and family generations too come. 

Question: Do you find yourself angered with debt? What are some ways you handle debt? Please share! 

“Thumbing Through Retirement” 


Putting up for retirement is the ultimate goal, well it should be! No matter if that retirement age goal is 25, 35, or 65 years old. Many of Americans worldwide seem to lose sight of the idea to save for retirement as they enjoy there extraordinary extravagant lifestyles. From 20 to 65 retirement may seem like a long time but it’s not especially if you plan to retire early and waiting the last minute to start saving isn’t smart at all. “Well at least that’s what I think.” I am here to tell you please don’t waste any other second or year of your life without putting up for retirement. Down below I am going to leave you with 3 keys to be able to successfully “Thumb Through Retirement” :

  1. Create a Budget. This is the simplest but effective form of prioritizing your basic living necessities and keeping track of your finances. Your budget should reflect your living circumstances. Stay true to your “Budget Bible” and don’t worry about what others are doing. If your neighbor buys a 2017 Dodge Challenger that doesn’t clearly mean you need one or something such high scale. Follow your budget and watch your money grow !
  2. Live below your means. Take notes because this gem is most precious. Make sure you are putting money up and to work. When I say to work I mean making some sort of return. I will get to that in key #3. No matter if you make 30k, 45k, or 95k you can benefit from this rule if you stay committed. It’s not easy but it’s effective for your financial future if you stay the course.
  3. Invest! After you tackle your debts and changed your behavior on money you are ready to invest. Just as you are saving 10 percent in a high yield savings account you need to be doing about the same towards a Roth or traditional IRA, 401k, or 403b. The percentage of 10 to 15 percent each paycheck you earn is highly recommended but work with what you can until you reach your designated goal.


In conclusion, these are three keys you need to become Financial Indepenedent in the blink of an eye. Don’t make it complicated. This task is challenging but with the right preparation and commitment you can reach your financial goals. Good luck on your Financial Freedom journey and remember to always “Thumb Through Retirement”.


Question: What are some unique ways you save for retirement?

Morning Inspiration 


Waking up a tad bit earlier every morning before the sunset can give you so much extra push to jump start your day. You can wake up feeling at piece with your inner self and witness the beauty of your life. Through out life, sometimes we forget the importance of having, “valuable me time”. A one on one intervention with yourself. Learning your capabilities and planning your life accordingly, before any one else tells you what to do and how to act. We are creators and destined for greatness. Let’s think about it! By waking up 2 hours earlier than the world you have an advantage. You have the power to plan and execute. Either, if it’s time for living a healthier lifestyle or reading a book, you could add that value to your life. Sure a lot of people will claim it’s too early or you are crazy for doing so; but truth being told people will complain about others until the day the big man above calls us home. 

Seeking Goals 

Every body has distinctive goals. Well I hope so, because if you don’t that’s what I call creepy. By allowing yourself to wake up a couple hours early you can have a clear head to think and write down your goals. You can come up with a evaluated plan on how you would pursue those goals. Every morning you could add 5 more ideas to that list and watch how your horizon expands. 

Deep Breathing

Every morning I wake up I take a deep breathe and visualize myself accomplishing my goals. I seek within myself the power to change my mindset and spread nothing but positivity to my heart. This allows me to control my actions and take over my conscious, allowing nothing but wealth and prosperity to enter my mind, body, and soul. Deep breathing cleanses the heart and helps your thoughts process. 

Evaluating yourself 

We never get the chance to have a peer to peer review with the man in the mirror. Most times we spend our times in the mirror getting ready for someone else. Boss, spouse, love or friend – no matter whom it may be. This causes us to lose self – identity. We lose our focus, dreams, and ourselves. We are now in the game of pleasing others and that’s the most depressing game of life their is. By allowing yourself the extra hours in the morning you could realize your mistakes and adjust accourdingly. It will eventually open many other doors for you as you find out who you really are as an individual. We don’t need more scary cats, we need creative leaders who aren’t afraid of putting their ideas out there. 


You want to allow yourself to concentrate on what matters the most to you. How would your ideas change the world if you had the extra time? Early morning rituals could expand your life and others around you. By conquering your day you could inspire, teach, and educate others. Don’t worry about the ones with negativity energy, stay focused on your inner intentions and spread nothing less than pure love. By changing your habits and creating better habits you win automatically. Remember, you can’t change others until you change yourself. Take care and much love. 

Question: Do you have a early morning regimen? If so, please share! 

Black Compound Interest 

“Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the World ? ” – Albert “Money Man” Einstein 

Let Class Begin 
Time horizon (20 to 40 years old) “The younger you are the better when it comes to investing”. This is a golden rule especially if you are in your younger 20’s. I remember the saying “No Sleep, Get Money”, was real popular. That meant not going to sleep at all, – just to make barely any money. I always thought that idea was pure dumb. I guarentee you could get 18 hours of sleep if you learned the important of investing your money  ??+??=?

“Truth being told no one in my family ever taught me about The Stock Market or how to become Financially Independent because they were simply Financially Illiterate themselves. It was a skill I had to learn by myself and through the books I read. Before than I had so many bad habits when it came to Money. Let me save you” – Jay Starks 

Since I cracked the Divenci Code, lol, I am here to teach others especially from the Lower Income Community and my people (Blacks) the importance of Compound Interest. 

*Any race is always welcomed, but I know majority of you reading this already know, & I know you know blacks barely read or Invest, so I have to teach my people* 

The Scenario

Let’s say you are 20 years of age and invested only 10,000 while still contributing just 50 dollars a month letting it grow for 20 years, each year making a 10% ROI (Return on Investment). 

At the young age of 40 you would have 102,000 instead of 34,000 if you just had it saved in a traditional bank account earning only 0.01 cent every thousand. Traditional bank accounts by the way are bank accounts you have right now if you don’t know about Investing/Brokerage Accounts. 

That’s a 68k difference. That’s Phenomenal! You probably won’t see the difference at first but as the years go you would be glad as hell you started when you did! Now that isn’t enough to live on for retirement but you must catch what I am putting down about Compound Interest. I will touch up on planning for retirement at little bit later. ?


We have to be more aware of this beautiful skill set. Passive income and diversification is a great way to meet your financial goals, my bad I mean wonderful way to meet your financial goals. Spending money on Jordans, Hoes, and Rims isn’t going to break those barriers to see the next level. We have to start building wealth and leaving inheritances to our children. Wealth is generational, that’s the key ingredient we are missing in our homes. We have to learn this game and play it well. Please, email me or just comment below if you would like to learn more about Compound Interest and Investing. 

“Budget, Pay Debt, Invest, & Don’t Stress ?” 


Do you know how compound interest works? Are you aware that your time is precious and means everything in the World? 

Don’t Touch That Account 


It is mandatory that you open up a high yields savings account and stash money away for a complete get away. I am not talking about a trip to Jamaica or The Bahamas by the way. I mean getting away from financial crisis and the tired ass Below Average Income (Poverty) that you hate so much. Anyway, before I get off track, by opening up a high yields savings account and of course putting a percentage of your income in there you are allowing your money to grow over time. Even if it’s just 0.25 cents a Month, it’s still “Free Money”. It’s just like investing but simplified. You are investing in your future. Either if you want to buy a house or a new couch. I highly recommend you never touch this account until a crisis come like loss of a job or a spouse but other than that it’s hands off. Let this account get you away from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Let it help you and your family become much more powerful than what you already are. 

Investing in your High Yields Savings Account

You want to invest 10 percent of your income in this account. You want to invest that same percentage every paycheck, no matter the circumstance. Now, listen closely – if you can invest more than recommended be my guess, – if you can’t do the recommended and have to contribute an smaller amount, well by all means, be my guess. “Long as you are investing something is what I am trying to exaggerate.”

Three Online Accounts I highly recommend

Ally Bank – 1.15% Interest Rate 

Synchrony Bank – 1.15% Interest Rate 

Goldman Sachs Bank – 1.20% Interest Rate 


By having this account you are allowing great times to flow in your life. The fear of not having enough or eating Ramon noodles because you are broke is over. This account could help you reach many levels you have never dreamed of. By staying disciplined and learning how compound interest works at this level, you will no longer be afraid of the stock market risk or investing in a property. I am highly speaking to my community which is the “Black Community”, but please any one is welcomed to read and take in this free knowledge. In order to have a say so in this world we have to start doing better economically. Stay down and invest and you will eventually out do the rest. Take care! 

Link to Top 5 Online Savings Account:

Question: Are you saving for your Financial Future?