25 and Forever

Through out my years, I have been blessed.

I have been blessed to make it out of my situations and prosper.

I have been blessed to wake up every morning and see the morning after.

I have been blessed to understand this life is a test and everything I do is on me.

I have been blessed to treat others with respect and chose my battles most times failing, but learning from my losses.

25 & Forever!

I had to get my Mind Right

I can’t go back to my old ways

Watching cartoons contemplating on making a move

Listing all my dreams down but not making a move

Kissing on different women playing myself like a fool

Letting everything get to me I didn’t realize all the time I would lose

Lost out on many ideas because I was scared to prevail

A black man who came from nothing they didn’t want me to excel

I had to learn quick that I couldn’t feel sorry for myself

I had to learn quick that no one felt sorry for me

As a black man I have to work even harder to be worthy of a mention

I had to get my mind and lead myself in a positive direction

Late Night Working

I can’t hear no pen drop, – cause I’m straight focused

Pen dropping caused a noise that left me unfocused !

I was putting plays together Jay Starks back in motion

Back in motion running plays, – I was back focused

I was waiting for my chance, dreaming of me working….

Working harder than my goals, because I couldn’t settle, NO!

Lot of nights I gave up just to accomplish more

I was closer to my dreams than a hour before!

Nobody Cares For You

At the end of the day it’s all up to you

They don’t want you at the top sitting like Oprah do

They don’t want you at the top shinning like winners do

People rooting for you to fail they throwing voodoo at you

Dreams closer but you crashing cause you losing focus

At the end does it matter it’s all what you chosen

If you running from the life you wasting time thinking

Got to put the plays together fight off all your demons

People leaving everyday they don’t believe your vision

They don’t believe in you

They want to see you fail

They want to knock you off your high horse wishin they were there

Smiles turning into demons the world never plays fair

Nobody likes you; know you hate it, but keep thinking clear

Neighborhood Watch

We alone with our mothers in the house

Single mothers gone to work so we only left to plot

Daddies not around so it's hectic on the block

They ask why we so dismantled cause we never left the block

Dope house, crips, and bloods got us preaching tote a glock

Just to kill our own kind before they make it to the top

Mind trapped inside a cage got us robbing for a ransom

The world looking at us crazy got my color looking stupid

Neighborhood watch, we killing us, they killing us

Jackers on the streets, they robbing us, we take from us

Darkness Falls as Dreams Shatter Underneath 

Staring at Caskets & flowers around 

Buried by my dad who now sleeps in the ground 

One day we will meet as I lay near underground 

What will I do when the darkness is near 

What will I do when the gates be so clear 

Heavens open as the angels all cheer 

Have I lived a life that left others astonished 

Have I loved so many that they loved me back 

Darkness falls as I lay on my back 

Dreams shattered as arms rest on my chest 

Darkness falls, darkness falls; yes darkness falls 

Please Lord Continue to Bless Us All !

Created by: @jay_starks1

Fact: We all fear death but we skip over our life.

Question: Why are so scared of what other think of you; as if you may get the chance to see age 92? 

Red Sirens, Blue Lights ! 

Red sirens, blue lights 
Who could put all that focus on us at night? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Who is that watching me with that Glock 40 hugged tight? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Why am I depicted by my color but not the love of my heart? 

Red sirens, blue lights 

Can you help me and my people through the night? 

Red sirens, blue lights

Why do you hate me for I am not white? 

Why do you judge us and never lived my life? 

Why do you come into my territories with intentions to vandelize my rights? 

I know its not right; Red sirens, Blue lights 

I Never Amounted (Poetry) 

Long Roads, side streets closed 

Other routes headed home that left my heart so cold 

Windy Nights, Rusty Pipes 

Squeaking as I lay my head to rest through the hectic nights 

Crumbs on the floor reminding me of the poor 

Lord why can’t I open up that door

Lord why can’t I have my pallet lifted off this dirty floor 

Mama still at work because we slave so young 

Born to a family that left its offsprings with none 

I never amounted to who I supposedly become 

I never amounted to nothing close of the rich but supposedly a bum 

Created by: Jay Starks 

Question? Have you ever felt left out? Have your wildest desires ever got lost because of fear? Please share! 

“What lies inside”

The Beautiful Meaning:

This poem is dedicated to everyone who knows what they are worth but aren’t taking the necessary steps to step up and be great. This Poem is inspired to “grasp” my readers into a paradox of mysterious faith. Which fate is yours to take?

The Art: 

What is it your heart is trying to say? 

Is it sound or is it safe? 

Is it heaven or is it hell?

As these worlds collide and earth prevails? 

What am I missing? 

What am I dismissing?

For I am not wise enough to realize what lies inside! 

For I am not capable of doing what my heart decides! 

I can’t longer waste what lies inside

I can no longer let fear hide what lies insides…. 

Poetry Presented by: Jay Starks 

Question: Are you hiding your true talents by living deeply in fear? Why are you so afraid of being great? Please share, let’s discuss! 

Section8Controversy: “Blood Money”

I lost so many loved ones from the block.

They went from the corner to the coroner.

It shocks me everytime I turn on the news and another brother gone so young.

It is time out for the violence but I know majority not hearing me.

I am tired of the Funerals & T-Shirts.

I am tired of the Suits and Tears Fallen.

When are we going to understand Crime and Money don’t mix?

When are we going to understand Blood and Money don’t mix?

Controversy I can sense it like a bomb tick!

I’m from the ghetto where majority of the minds sick.

They’ll pick up a gun rather than throw they own fist.

Blood Money, Blood Money, Blood Money!

Am I the only one that noticed you took the love from me?

Blood Money, Blood Money, Blood Money!

Am I the only one that noticed you turned the hood on me?