6 Retiree Financial Regrets

Many times we enter our retiree age with a lot of regrets. We sort of wish we could go back in time with our space machine and change the hands of time. One thing for certain we will never get back is our time. That’s why it is very crucial we are planning for the future even if we don’t see it. I’ll rather be taking the steps now not knowing when my last day on earth is going to be instead of not doing so and living until I am 65.

Here are 6 Retiree Financial Regrets:

1.) Not Saving enough for Retirement !

Must feel great to finally retire and realize you have nothing to support the following 40 years that’s comes after it (sarcastically stated)! This is the problem many of us have when we finally leave the work force. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have seen the elderly cry because they found out they still have to work a job way after retirement just because they didn’t have enough to live on. Social security only gives so much and the pension we have known years ago is also deteriorating only being 34 jobs that still has it in America and they are currently finding ways to get rid of. Hell, even the military finding alternate ways for pension plans starting the upcoming year (2018) with TSP Options. You have to save and invest in your retirement vehicles now.

2.) Not Saving enough for Emergencies !

Knock, knock! Who there? Bank account! Bank account who? Bank account with the low savings amount!

I know corny right? Seriously, saving for emergencies is vital when you are living on your on and have responsibilities to handle. Americans just don’t save as we trail our countries who pay more in taxes and have way less opportunities than we have in this rich country. In fact, less than 69% of Americans have a 1,000 saved for emergencies. That tells me that when a tragedy happen far as getting the car fixed, pipes fixed, and bills paid we are steadily stressing and dragging ourselves in more debt. By not Saving enough for Emergencies we are setting ourselves up for failure every time. Your emergency fund need to be at least 3 to 6 expenses stashed away for a rainy day!

3.) To Much Student Loan Debt !

We all know Student loan debt is steady climbing throughout America. With its 1.4 Trillion Dollar debt spread among 44 million college graduates it is safe to say many are doomed. With high interest rates and low job rates it’s hard to even think about buying a house or paying the debt off. As hard as it may seems it is important to get rid of those student loans. Too much student loan debt could hold you back from building wealth and prospering in your retirement years.

4.) To Much Credit Card Debt !

All I hear is swipe me when I receive a new credit card offer through the mail. I politely open it up and laugh at the interest rates and cut it up. The abuse of credit card debt is real in America as we are heavy consumers and buy, buy, and buy trying to impress everyone except ourselves. Together combined from the states of 2016 we have a total of 765 Billion credit card debt bill owned by Americans in the United States. Must be great to be an American right? That’s why it is imperative you live below your means and stop relying on credit cards. You will never get ahead if all you do is depend on credit cards to get you out of a crisis. You would be paying the debt from your grave or worse your kids will take on the bill. Yes, it is coming to your following generation paying the bill, so why do yourself or family like that?!

5.) Not Saving too Much for Children’s Education !

I firmly believe if you took the time to lay away and have sex to make the baby, it is your duty as a parent to provide everything you possibly can to send that child to college. Not saying you have to pay it all but at least have it to where he or she doesn’t graduate with a phone number (9,999,999,999). You have to save for your child’s education or else it will come back to bite you in the behind or better yet the child’s behind. Their are many investment vehicles you could open up prior to the baby being born such as the 529 College Savings Plan. This is a tool used to make sure your child goes off to college and it gives you tax breaks.

6.) Buying a Bigger House than you could afford !

Law states that your housing bill shouldn’t exceed 28% of your income. No matter if it is rented, financed through a mortgage, and including the bills. Most of us want to live life like the joneses throughout our earlier years and we spend more than half of our wealth on a house we don’t need. We become more and more in debt, have kids, and realize it wasn’t worth the hassle in the end. There are many wonderful cheap houses in America. There is now need to run to a gated community or in the “White neighborhood” as I should call it. May sound biased but this is how we call it coming from the infested ghettos and HUD Housing. Anyway, it is important you tally in your Housing expenses and don’t spend a large part of your wealth on a house that could go down in flames any giving day. Your retirement counts on you to make better decisions.

“Thumbing Through Retirement” 


Putting up for retirement is the ultimate goal, well it should be! No matter if that retirement age goal is 25, 35, or 65 years old. Many of Americans worldwide seem to lose sight of the idea to save for retirement as they enjoy there extraordinary extravagant lifestyles. From 20 to 65 retirement may seem like a long time but it’s not especially if you plan to retire early and waiting the last minute to start saving isn’t smart at all. “Well at least that’s what I think.” I am here to tell you please don’t waste any other second or year of your life without putting up for retirement. Down below I am going to leave you with 3 keys to be able to successfully “Thumb Through Retirement” :

  1. Create a Budget. This is the simplest but effective form of prioritizing your basic living necessities and keeping track of your finances. Your budget should reflect your living circumstances. Stay true to your “Budget Bible” and don’t worry about what others are doing. If your neighbor buys a 2017 Dodge Challenger that doesn’t clearly mean you need one or something such high scale. Follow your budget and watch your money grow !
  2. Live below your means. Take notes because this gem is most precious. Make sure you are putting money up and to work. When I say to work I mean making some sort of return. I will get to that in key #3. No matter if you make 30k, 45k, or 95k you can benefit from this rule if you stay committed. It’s not easy but it’s effective for your financial future if you stay the course.
  3. Invest! After you tackle your debts and changed your behavior on money you are ready to invest. Just as you are saving 10 percent in a high yield savings account you need to be doing about the same towards a Roth or traditional IRA, 401k, or 403b. The percentage of 10 to 15 percent each paycheck you earn is highly recommended but work with what you can until you reach your designated goal.


In conclusion, these are three keys you need to become Financial Indepenedent in the blink of an eye. Don’t make it complicated. This task is challenging but with the right preparation and commitment you can reach your financial goals. Good luck on your Financial Freedom journey and remember to always “Thumb Through Retirement”.


Question: What are some unique ways you save for retirement?

Black Compound Interest 

“Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the World ? ” – Albert “Money Man” Einstein 

Let Class Begin 
Time horizon (20 to 40 years old) “The younger you are the better when it comes to investing”. This is a golden rule especially if you are in your younger 20’s. I remember the saying “No Sleep, Get Money”, was real popular. That meant not going to sleep at all, – just to make barely any money. I always thought that idea was pure dumb. I guarentee you could get 18 hours of sleep if you learned the important of investing your money  ??+??=?

“Truth being told no one in my family ever taught me about The Stock Market or how to become Financially Independent because they were simply Financially Illiterate themselves. It was a skill I had to learn by myself and through the books I read. Before than I had so many bad habits when it came to Money. Let me save you” – Jay Starks 

Since I cracked the Divenci Code, lol, I am here to teach others especially from the Lower Income Community and my people (Blacks) the importance of Compound Interest. 

*Any race is always welcomed, but I know majority of you reading this already know, & I know you know blacks barely read or Invest, so I have to teach my people* 

The Scenario

Let’s say you are 20 years of age and invested only 10,000 while still contributing just 50 dollars a month letting it grow for 20 years, each year making a 10% ROI (Return on Investment). 

At the young age of 40 you would have 102,000 instead of 34,000 if you just had it saved in a traditional bank account earning only 0.01 cent every thousand. Traditional bank accounts by the way are bank accounts you have right now if you don’t know about Investing/Brokerage Accounts. 

That’s a 68k difference. That’s Phenomenal! You probably won’t see the difference at first but as the years go you would be glad as hell you started when you did! Now that isn’t enough to live on for retirement but you must catch what I am putting down about Compound Interest. I will touch up on planning for retirement at little bit later. ?


We have to be more aware of this beautiful skill set. Passive income and diversification is a great way to meet your financial goals, my bad I mean wonderful way to meet your financial goals. Spending money on Jordans, Hoes, and Rims isn’t going to break those barriers to see the next level. We have to start building wealth and leaving inheritances to our children. Wealth is generational, that’s the key ingredient we are missing in our homes. We have to learn this game and play it well. Please, email me or just comment below if you would like to learn more about Compound Interest and Investing. 

“Budget, Pay Debt, Invest, & Don’t Stress ?” 


Do you know how compound interest works? Are you aware that your time is precious and means everything in the World? 

“What lies inside”

The Beautiful Meaning:

This poem is dedicated to everyone who knows what they are worth but aren’t taking the necessary steps to step up and be great. This Poem is inspired to “grasp” my readers into a paradox of mysterious faith. Which fate is yours to take?

The Art: 

What is it your heart is trying to say? 

Is it sound or is it safe? 

Is it heaven or is it hell?

As these worlds collide and earth prevails? 

What am I missing? 

What am I dismissing?

For I am not wise enough to realize what lies inside! 

For I am not capable of doing what my heart decides! 

I can’t longer waste what lies inside

I can no longer let fear hide what lies insides…. 

Poetry Presented by: Jay Starks 

Question: Are you hiding your true talents by living deeply in fear? Why are you so afraid of being great? Please share, let’s discuss! 

The Almighty Bankroll! 


I remember growing up having a “Bankroll” showed significant power in the Black Community. 

It was like having everything right in your pocket. I easily thought by having such a “bankroll” was going to show me the world and allow access to everything I ever wanted. Such as women, cars, jewelry, and fresh clothes.

“That mentality I had was formed from growing up in poverty. I did all types of connery for it and some things I don’t regret because it made me who I am today.”

Growing up in the lower class part of the state – we all dreamed daily of having that big bankroll. It’s like we were junkies with a adrenaline rush! It’s funny because once we receive large amounts of money we spent it on materialistic items that I stated earlier in this passage. 

We as a whole lacked “Financial Literacy”. A tool I wish I had known about a couple years back. Without us knowing how money works we were eventually going around in a circle of not having. 

Not having a great life. Not having wealth. Not having the mentality of developing and wanting better than poverty. Not having the mentality of wanting to own corporations and businesses. This crippled every one around me and it was plain out depressing. 

“It was also – make the bankroll, show off the bankroll, spend the bankroll, and be back broke doing things such as working harder breaking our backs or criminal activity that ended up with most of us on our backs (6 feet under) or in a prison cell.”

This wasn’t good at all for my community but we often mixed crime and trading our valuable time for pennies which wasn’t rationally good for any of us. 

I firmly believe we need the knowledge of Financial Literacy implemented in the Black Community. Sure it’s cool showing off your bankroll but if you don’t know how to secure the bag for long term wealth then what are you doing?

Please share your own experience with “The Bankroll” below in the comment section.

Question: Also do you think Financial Literacy is non-existing in your community? Please do elloborate!