Doesn’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Never Turn Your Back

Never turn your back, if they stayed down”- Justin A. Starks

Never turn your back on those that supported you since day 1. Your real family, friends, and all above loved ones. As you grow make sure they are growing as well. Doesn’t necessarily mean give them money or any of your possessions but check up on them and see how they are doing. Have a level of respect and show them you do appreciate them sticking by your side along the way.

Many people miss blessings because they turn their backs on the ones that looked out for them when no one else did so. I know sometimes we feel like no one was there but in reality some were and we have to make sure their appreciated.

If they are willing to put in the same hours as you and build a legacy it doesn’t make any sense to turn your back. If the ones who rocking with you are able to put aside differences and make something out of themselves right along with you it doesn’t make any sense to leave them in the wind once you get on. Be someone of character and build the people. Have great discipline and remain humble.

Back Focused

Off Track

Some things can get you off track on your journey to success. Make sure you take time off but never get rid of the mission at hand. Stay humble and remember why you started in the first place. If it’s really your ultimate goal then continue to grow.


Staying focused can be hard. We all have a life to handle and our dreams sometimes get put on the back burner until we stumble across them once again. The key is to still feed that dream. Still vision yourself completing that goal and work hard to get it done. Likewise, it’s okay to take a break here and there, but don’t forget to put your “goal cap” back on.


Many times I get bored and lose track of time. I sometimes get down on myself because I see no progress. I find myself blaming everything else around me instead of owning up to my crap. I had to learn quickly that I was to blame. I had to learn quickly that I had to change. Once I figured it was me stopping me, I prevailed and seen a drastic change.

Question: Have you ever gotten off track? What did it take for you to continue your journey to success?

Become your inner thoughts

We all have dreams. We all have that 1 next big ideal that’s ready to change how we live life and experience growth. Just as a kid eyes lights up when he says he wants to become a doctor. Don’t we all have a dream? Don’t we all wish in some form or fashion that everything would go our way for the better?

Thoughts will guide you

Every morning you wake up your thoughts guide you. You change every situation. No matter how hard you try you are what you think about the most. In order to change your habits you have to change your thought process. Instead of saying I can’t do it, why not say I can do it. Instead of saying I don’t have time, why not make time. Positivity is the approach that should be made, not anymore excuses.

Better Version of you

What is it you are doing to become a better version of you? What does your inner circle look like? Remember, if your 5 closest friends aren’t making the right decisions than you aren’t either just based on association. I have seen it too many times when a young man follows the crowd and in up in prison or under ground.

Dig Deeper than Before

In order to change your mindset you have to dig deep. Dig deeper than before and create the life you always wanted. It takes much discipline and less procrastination to do so, but yes it can be done. Remember, days go by and dreams will die if you don’t make the corrective adjustments.

Question: Are you giving your all or complaining about time?

You have to know….

Going into anything that will better yourself, you have to know from the get go that you are not going to have that much of a support system. When branching off from the majority you have to understand at the door that many unsuccessful dream killers just don’t want you to become a self-motivated dream chaser. It just doesn’t sit well with many people around you.

You will run into dream killers that will do everything in their power to stop you from continuing down the path of success. They want to stop you because they have dreams they were too scared to reach. While all the other little birdies jumped out of their mothers nest, leaving their sweet supportive comfort zone to chase the world, they stayed in leaving their own dreams and dignity behind.

The World around you doesn’t reward unmotivated individuals. Especially us as Black Men. We have to dig deep and be prepared to except ridicule from our own race and others as well. As a Black Man we are at the bottom and need to understand this before we even chase a dream. We have to know there will be many stressful days and nights but we can’t give up pursuing our dreams. We just want have much of support if we don’t do what the majority of the Black Men are doing in the hood; which is going to prison, rapping, gang-banging, serving drugs, being a uneducated fool and many other things that the majority see as the perfect negro. I know it’s hard but your work will pay off if you stick to the path.

As a Black Man you have to know that the world isn’t just going to hand you a pass to success. We have to work 4 times as harder than our oppressors just to be considered valuable. We have to understand that one slip up could cause us 5 times more of a punishment than the opposite race. We see how unfair the prison system is with us within the inner city communities. We know that to be successful we can’t be 40 deep in the club smoking gas toting pistols with negro’s we barely know. Before you even start your own journey it is imperative you know how to continually operate around people who will never value you.

Question: Are you putting in the work?

Why I Retired Buying Name Brand Clothing

“Why spend my money with name brand companies who don’t support me or give a flying f*** about my living environment?”

Many years I use to think like every other negro. Buy name brand items and automatically get accepting by the cool kids and cute girls. I didn’t understand as a younger individual the effects and mind games the larger media had on my brain. I seen rappers, actors, and drug dealers with the cleanest outfits so I immediately thought I needed it. I thought this was it! Like it was the key to life. Buy more name brand items and BOOM, I am worth more than my peers and I am better than every one in my lower class community.

It’s deeper than name brand clothing. It’s the meaning of why we buy it and accept it. It’s the power we think these clothes give us a black individual. We think because we associate ourselves with these particular pieces of clothing we are one of high importance. We ask for clothes by brand and barely understand how we are turning against ourselves and becoming inferior to our own black business owners.

Growing up I remember seeing the mom and pop shops that use to get started in the hood. Even at a young age I would say they wouldn’t last long or what the hell is this ugly place in my neighborhood. I remember walking in their store and saying the prices were too much for what they were selling. I would try to low ball their prices and ask for deals. This is the same way we do each other in the Black Community. We are brainwashed way before this point and we don’t even realize it. We pay 1,000 no problem with other races and say 50 is too much when our own kind is trying to sell us something worth substance. If it’s not named brand and of another popular named brand we do not want to be associated with it. It’s sad.

Many won’t understand my logic behind retiring from named brand clothing but it’s okay because they have there reasons. Most of these designers aren’t from my community and don’t give two shits if I live or die, so why would I spend any more than I have too? I would rather spend with my people and watch the money circulate within but how can I when majority are brainwashed and would just put that money right back in other communities.

No Money, Mo Problems (Inspired from… How to Sell to The Negro “1954”)

You spend millions on brands that don’t even support nor care for your community existence” – Justin A. Starks

Quick Glimpse

Yesterday, I watched a YouTube story titled “How to sell to the Negro”, this video opened my eyes and made absolutely all the right sense. One line I vividly remember that stops me from spending my hard earned money to my white counterparts is “The negro people already feel like they don’t belong, by associating themselves in rich fabrics just as whites do, no matter the cost, they would feel of high importance even though they will never truly pass the glass ceiling of wealth as whites in America”. I was devastated to understand this logic! We have to stop paying a high price and thinking a 400 dollar shirt is going to make us feel special. Use that money to buy investments and start a low funding business. We have to develop that economic mindset in order to produce more opportunities within the Black Community.

rowing Up Black

In addition, growing up in the Black Community I have seen directly and mentally the effects and still do how materialistic items are valued and how we love to crowd the streets on a Good Payday Weekend. We need to understand our monies can no longer go to these white corporations. They already set shop all through our neighborhoods since after slavery and are taking our wealth while putting us to work for little to nothing underpaying us and telling us they aren’t hiring. It’s imperative we learn how to build wealth and create jobs for ourselves. Also, White America own 78 percent of the wealth in America that’s why we have no economic say so when it comes our own hiring process, careers, or living conditions. We need to get more educated faces in these seats to look out for our kind just as they do themselves.

o Economic Power

Understanding this will hopefully lead you to handling and seeing money different. This is not an racial letter, this is the true facts that we need to wake up and see here in America. We have 11 times less of net Worth than Whites and just under 3,000 dollars short of Hispanics. We are in last place when it comes to wealth, that’s why higher officials like The “Higher Ups” (No Names) even call your black ass lazy when it comes to “Handling Money” on National TV!! If he thinks that and say it so proudly just imagine what other leading officials think of you. It isn’t like we aren’t making money, hence that we made 1.1 Trillion dollars as a whole but we don’t have a strong financial literacy. We don’t see the bigger picture. That’s why these rooms will continue to be filled with white liberals and conservatives that only persuade you to vote for them and feed you bullshit. They don’t care about your Black Community. Our community have been the same from every presidency no matter democratic or republican. Seems like it’s only getting worse by the century. We have to build our communities and thrive, not give in to a life of poverty and die.

Question: Do you truly understand you control your wealth?

Short Burst of Momentum!

When they tell you to take some rest, put down the material, have more fun, that's all you are focused on & so on; I want you to look at that as your compliments! Those are the words you want to hear and be ignited by to keep working because you are close to unlocking something special. See the majority is not use to your strong mentality and will try everything in their power to steer you away, because they are afraid to walk down that lane of commitment (Dreams). Also, if you are not hearing these "compliments" then you aren't truly feeding your passion and turning your wildest goals into reality.

"Need advice on the stock market and building wealth?"

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Question: Are you feeding your passion?! Are you taking chances and putting in that overtime on yourself?! Are you committed?!

Save First, Spend Later

Most of us pay our bills on time but we don't pay ourselves when it's time. It's time we stop paying others off before we pay ourselves. I mean look at your check stub. Uncle Sam and even the state take their cut every pay period, it makes absolutely no sense at all not to do the same for yourself. If you spend first you are simply throwing yourself under the bus! Plain and simple!

Save More

Saving your income is important. Let me reiterate, saving majority of your income is highly important! What I tell my clients is the more you keep, the more you are close to Freedom. I like to keep it simple with my financial teaching techniques, especially when I am teaching my lovely people in the Black Community. Anyways, by following this simple plan of saving first and spending last you are allowing your future self to enjoy many years of abundance and fun.

A Simple Approach

The simplest way to achieve this is by having a certain percentage taking out of your check every pay period. Now life is hard and trust me, I understand at times we just can't do it, but if we set the goal more realistically in terms of our current living situations we could easily achieve our savings goal. If you don't have a large income that's fine because you don't need one. All you need to do is start off light, meaning low. By saving just 2% or 5 dollars every check and gradually working your way up the ladder you could easily put yourself in a better position, rather than, if you didn't do so at all.


In high certainty, this account should be off limits. This shouldn't even be labeled a "Emergency Fund" or a "Rainy day Fund". You should call it the "American Freedom Account". This account is to help you build wealth and escape your current living conditions. I want you to budget and come up with a plan on raising the percentage and upping the price you pay to yourself, such as a raise or in the form of an advance. Once you master this exhausting but simple money machine technique, then, you are ready to invest in your future and climb the financial ladder!

Question: Do you enjoying saving first or spending first?

Don’t Make Cense Sunday’s: Level Up (MegaMan Edition)

"Nobody to blame but yourself if you don't level up" – Section8Investor

Level Up !

In order to live the life you always dreamed of you have to level up (boss up). Doing the same thing and living amongst the same individuals who care nothing about your outcome or aspirations is going to keep you down and depressed all of the time. It really makes no Cense to stick around and become the dummy of the century. Also, it doesn't make any Cense to let others close to you bring you down. You say they are your friends but they only knock you down every time you come up with a great idea. How is that any good for you and your future self? It isn't and it's time to level up and do exactly what you were brought into this World to do and that's to lead and become better you ever imagined. Change your circle, sacrifice your time, and work harder than ever before. Never be so worried about what others say that it brings you down. Never be so caught up in people (what they're doing) that it uses all of your energy and keeps you unfocused.

Going all the way in !

I like the saying from legendary Grant Cardone, which is called The 10X rule. Off the back we know 10 x 10 comes out to be 100. This number is way greater than attempting to do it 1X and going back to the original number, which is 1! You maybe the only who believe in your vision but if you all in 10X you will succeed every rip of the way. You will start unlocking new doors for yourself and find yourself meeting/teaching people all over the world. Everyone isn't meant to go where you are going, so it's imperative that you stay on the road and take those who are serious about your passion just as you are and leave the snakes in the old blender on the counter back home in the slums.

No Setbacks !

Remember, on any road you will never be applauded by the things you didn't pursue but you will be when you step closer and closer to success. It is completely up to you to keep your head held high, buckle all the way down, and level the f*ck up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and leaving your dreams on the table because the majority want accept you with open arms. It's time to excel and hit the gas. Time to level up and show the world but more important to show that face in the mirror. It doesn't make cense not to level up and take the chances needed to ensure greatness!

Don’t waste your time Clocking In!

“If your Dollars aren’t working, you will always be exhausted” – Section8Investor

You know the saying I don’t get tired by the infamous rapper “Kevin Gates” and how your homies in the hood say, “Sleep is for the broke” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, yes, you guessed correctly! You should never ask them for money advice. Those individuals are usually the brokest as they flaunt their wealth over Instagram, Facebook, periscope, twitter, and other social media platforms.

Clock in your money, not time

By understanding how wealth is generated you are ahead of your peers and probably everyone around you. You now understand that you don’t have to clock into a job you absolutely hate just to make money. Most American workers around the globe have this social belief that clocking in to an underpaid wage job is going to get them rich. That’s completely false! I was once that fool and now I am glad I ran into investing and actually see potential gains in my investments that now I don’t have to rely on a job to take care of me. That’s the problem. People who work all their lives think a job is supposed to take care of them. If that job really cared about you your employer would provide better benefits such as the 401K, pension plan, and designated annually raises. Where is your job when you get sick or have a family emergency? I have even known for some jobs to threaten their employees by firing them for taking a sick day to provide for their under the weather child. This example alone should force you to learn about the value of money and truly build wealth through investing.  

Money isn’t supposed to sleep

The top 1 percent understand that ownership is key when it comes to earning more money. If you don’t put your money to work you will always be a consumer who overspends or a worker who’s trading in life (Eternity) for money. Let’s break this cycle down for a minute so you could grasp the bigger picture being sold for free here. “Your company owns your time. Your company own the business. Your company also owns other companies and investments.” That’s why they’re at the top and you are just another employee. That don’t make your CEO a bad person but he/she understands you will never find out the secret to building wealth. Wealth isn’t about money, not at all, it is about owning and that’s the difference between the top 6 percent and the bottom 94 percent. Your money isn’t supposed to sleep, if it does you will continue to stress over more money and drag your life deep into debt, which now your money is in a so-called deep sleep and can’t grow or seek a return at all. Leaving you vulnerable to take as much assistance from the government and bring down your own families wealth.

Wake your Money Up

There are only three ways you could become wealthy in America. That’s through Investing in the Stock Market, Real Estate, or Entrepreneurship. If you are not associated with any of the three you will forever be playing the game of cat and mouse, and you don’t want to be the cat or the mouse (Tom and Jerry). There are many platforms out here to get started on your financial journey. Let’s wake that money up and put it to work so you could live the life you always wanted!

Created By: Justin Starks

Question: Do you really understand your purpose is to find your true meaning within this world? How could you possibly know if all you do is trade your time in for money?